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Keeping the Faith: Part 1
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Keeping the Faith: Part 1

“Okay, I’ll see you at 5”.

I hang up, shaking and giddy. A surge of emotion is pounding through my veins. I have agreed to go and see a pony I have been asked to help. But hearing her story, I don’t need to decide, I already know.

I arrive on the yard of a very kind man; he has a pony that has been sent to be put to sleep. He feels she deserves more time and has asked me if I could take her on. As I step into the barn and see the multiple rows of horses, there is a sense of peace in the air. The sweet smell of bedding and horsehair fills my lungs and I take a deep breath. I reach the stall and look in tentatively. She is bigger than I had imagined, only four years old, and in good shape. She seems approachable and friendly, and I immediately begin to question why she has been brought here. “Nothing more they can do”. He tells me. “Drugs won’t work anymore.”

She was due to be put to sleep that very day.

On closer inspection I see a hole just above the nose band of her head collar. This is no surprise as I had known about her hole from my previous phone call. But again it is not how I had envisioned. In fact, it is tiny. She is pleasant, well mannered, and heartily tucking into her haylage. Her coat is full of conditioner, she is squeaky clean. Perhaps her previous owners had wanted to give her a pretty send-off. Looking her best until the bitter end? I stroke her gently and she allows me to look closer at her wound. She has a small amount of swelling but no other sign of infection. She looks at me, flicks her ears in my direction, and nods her head. I nod back and smile. "We’re going to give it a try miss, let’s see what we can work out for you huh?” I arrange with the man to track her veterinary records down to get a clearer picture of her history, and he agrees to deliver her to me the following day.

As for me, I go home and begin researching alternative remedies and any other medical information I can consume.

I decide on a name that seems very fitting for this little girl. Mainly because we all need a little of it, and some people don’t have enough. Perhaps her previous owners should have had more, but I am not here to judge. For now, this girl is lucky simply to be alive.

Welcome to your new home ‘Faith’. I hope you are happy here.

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Faith for sure. Voted.
    1. Avermal
      thank you! x
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. I love your choice for a name. :)
    1. Avermal
      thank you, it really couldnt have been anything else. :-)
  3. Arhiana
    Thank You for this inspirational blog. I tool on my Danish Warmblood because his owner dare not sell him because he was too dangerous. He was going to be put to sleep. Years on I a disabled rider can bumble about together. He is amenable gentle happy & popular with other horse & people alike. I used a combination of what I know of horse psychology Reiki & various herbs & remedies. I was also lucky to know a very gifted rider who used to train police horses. He worked with my boy to help him overcome the dreadful way he had been treated in the past. I am sure you & Faith will do very well.

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