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Keeping Score: A Just-for-Fun Quiz
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Keeping Score: A Just-for-Fun Quiz

Maybe you’ve heard that a “real rider” is one that has fallen off at least seven times.  Here are some other ways to keep score.


Fall off during a training ride or arena lesson  (1 point)

Fall off during a competition  (2 points)

Fall off more than once during same competition (2 points)

Fall off into puddle/creek/lake/swamp (3 points)

Fall off, sustain visible helmet damage (3 points)

Fall off in front of a judge or your mom  (5 points)


Get bucked off (not the same as falling off!)  (1 point)

Get bucked off during a competition  (2 points)

Leave in an ambulance (3 points)

Leave in a helicopter (5 points)

Get bucked off during a competition, break a bone, finish the ride anyhow.  (5 points)


Make bad pre-ride food/beverage choice(s) (1 point)

Wake up with flu symptoms, ride anyhow. (2 points)

Vomit while riding without splattering any leather.  (3 points)

Make the same bad food/beverage choices again (5 points)


Horse loses a shoe (1 point)

Loan out a boot, then lose a horseshoe. (2 points)

Lose more than one horseshoe, have more than 1 boot with you.  (2 points)

Lose so many horseshoes that you run out of boots.  (3 points)


Take shelter during blizzard/hurricane/tornado/volcanic event, then tack up and ride. (2 points)

Continue riding despite blizzard/hurricane/tornado/volcanic event (5 points)


Wear the wrong clothes (1 point)

Borrow clothing (2 points)

Borrow clothing from a stranger (3 points)

Change clothes without dismounting (3 points outerwear, 5 points undergarments, 7 points boots)


Ride an unfamiliar horse  (1 point)

Ride an unfamiliar horse in competition (3 points)

Catch ride a horse because the regular rider got injured by that horse (5 points)


Use vet wrap on yourself (1 point)

Use duct tape instead of a bandage (2 points)

Get a vet to bandage you (2 points)


Break a rein or stirrup leather.  (1 point)

Repair the broken item with zip ties, duct tape, or baling twine  (2 points)

Finish an event without repairing the broken item  (5 points, 7 points if item is girth)


Cry  (1 point)

Cry because your horse is awful (1 point)

Cry because your horse is awesome (2 points)

Cry more than once on the same day because your horse is both awful and awesome (5 points)



0-25points       Beginner Buckaroo.  Welcome to the stable life!

25-50 points  Seasoned Equestrian. You've spent time in the saddle and have callouses to prove it.

50-75 points  Hardcore Rider.  There's a reason you're bowlegged.

75+ points     Boiled Owl.  Your war stories are the stuff of legend.

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