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Just Chumin' Around
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Just Chumin' Around

Today was a day of yardwork for the most part. This afternoon will be a good time for a long walk & hopefully it doesn't rain on us. 

I went around picking up limbs I had cut from a few days ago so I could put them at the curb to be hauled off. I was also digging up wisteria & ivy vines. Talk about a job! The weather here has been really great the past few days even though the sky looks like it's threatening to rain. A mist here & there, but no real rain. 

Cookie, bless her, is bored to tears & is following me all around the paddock as I do my chores. From one pile of stuff to the next & back again. From one side of the paddock to the other. She did step up on the back steps to get a closer look at Shugar (our cat) & find out what all the hissing was about. lol! That was the only real excitement for Cookie so far today. I gave her some bells to jingle, but she doesn't care about making noise. I suppose I'm going to have to find her some kind of toy that she might play with to prevent being so bored on days when we can't get out to really do anything. I've thought about a ball of some kind & I had read where someone put rocks in a milk container for their colt to play with. Though he was in a stall & making beautiful scroll work of the edging boards. Cookie has tried out the bark of the apple & pear tree, so it's time to step up & figure something out soon. 

My sister & her friend are in the works to make me a bareback pad, which I can't wait for! I'm so excited. I'll feel a bit more secure riding on a pad rather than just bare back seeings how it's been over 9 years since I rode. With the exception of a ride a few months ago that didn't start out as great as I had thought it would.  All things that could be & go wrong did. The saddle the guy used was too small for me, so I imagine it was pinching the mares back. I had to put her in a deep ditch just to get on & we came out rearing & bucking. Oh did I mention she was herd sour? Yep, one step forward & rear rear, turn buck. So we went around in a circle for what seemed like forever just to prevent all this non sense. The guy showed up on his horse & away we went. Not without some rearing & bucking of course. When the mare finally settled down, my legs, butt & arms were already worn out & feeling like spaghetti, but we rode on for about 10 minutes, then turned around & came back. The mare was all kinds of happy then & wow did she have a go button! His dog kept us both on our toes running in & out of the bushes making all kinds of noise to which she jumped & bolted. By the time we got back & it was time for me to get off, I sided passed her to the gate, grabbed it with both hands & pulled myself off of her. It took me a good 10 minutes to gather my legs under me to be able to walk without falling down. Come to find out the mare had bad teeth, which was probably the cause of her bad head tossing & rearing. Though being spoiled didn't help matters at all. Needless to say, I didn't buy that horse. 

I vowed I wouldn't ride until I had my weight down to a manageable amount, safe for a horse to carry & for me to have a better seat on horseback. I'm still on the losing side, feeling much better, much stronger & hey! my pants even fit better now. lol! 

That ride could have busted my confidence all to pieces, & in some ways it did a little. My confidence wasn't all that great to begin with & I know now after being around Cookie for a few months now that it stemmed from not riding in so many years. I know I'm not as limber or fit as I once was, but I also know what I know about horses, riding, caring for them & everything in between. This isn't my first rodeo with horses.. but this is my first rodeo with my own horse. The experience is one I wouldn't trade for anything in the whole world. 

Yes! Send me a full color horse trailer brochure from Featherlite.

Thanks! Your brochure will be on its way shortly.
  1. sweedly
    Another great personal experience story. Thanks for sharing. A friend of mine needed a toy for his horse and so gave him a small car tire. That horse had a blast carrying it around in his mouth and sometimes dropping it where it would roll, only to pick it up and do it again. It was a toy build to last. Voted.

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