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Journey of a Spotted Mule - Water Baby
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Journey of a Spotted Mule - Water Baby

Guess what a really large puddle of water will NOT do. It will NOT eat this mule’s legs. It will NOT gulp me up and make me be no more. I can’t believe that!!! It’s just another one of those things that I’ve been afraid of for some super silly reason.

My girl tried and tried to get me to wade through the big mini pond in my ginormous pasture last fall but no way, uh uh, not having it, wasn’t gonna do it. I protested…a lot! I stomped and backed and stomped some more and she let me get by with just slopping my front feet along the edge of the water for a few steps.

Tonight was different, though. Tonight she aimed me right for that water like a girl on a mission and I pointed my ears right toward it and got right to the edge of its wetness and put one foot in it and just stopped. Only for a second, then I kind of wandered around in it for a bit because I really did not want to venture out to the middle. How was I supposed to know what was out there? What if there was a monster?! Who cares if I drink out of this big natural watering hole 147 times a day – it could swallow me up totally without warning, and she was peer pressuring me into it. And all the while, mule mama was mounted atop her trusty mare across the way, egging her on. Ohhhhhh, whatever, I took the plunge!!!

Hey. Wow, that wasn’t so bad. Let’s see, I could do that again. And again. And so I did. My girl was thrilled. Mule mama was giddy like a school girl. Of course she also realized at that moment that the youngin’ had never crossed water either. That’s what ya call a two’fer right there!

Now I’m getting a little more excited for one of these trail rides with water crossings that the ladies keep yammering on about. I think I could handle that. Maybe?

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