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Journey of a Spotted Mule: The New Girl
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Journey of a Spotted Mule: The New Girl

I don’t know, maybe you haven’t read the rest of my story yet. I’m the kind of mule who tends to like to keep my girl all to myself. Sure, sure, I’ll share her from time to time with my draft horse buddies. I mean, let’s face it, I pretend to be one of them. But they would probably squash me if I wasn't so darn cool! When it comes to critters closer to my own size, I just get a little, dare I say…jealous.

So when my Mule Mama got this hare-brained idea to give me a little sister, I was less than thrilled. Her name is Queen. What a little princess. Ugh. Her ears are even longer than mine. And that face. Oh, that face of hers. We all packed up one day to go away to our friend’s indoor arena, because Mule Mama said something about me and Queen needing time to bond, or some other such nonsense. At first, I wasn't so sure about her. She doesn't say much, which is good because I've heard those donkey-like thing before. And they can be loud. I really didn't want her chattering my ears off during a long trailer ride. Once we got to the arena, Queen pretty much kept to herself and stayed out of my way. I tried to show her around, since I’d been there before, but she apparently didn't view my way of sniffing her backside as being especially helpful. I’m only speculating here, but I think when feet are flying at my face at a high rate of speed, it’s a clear indication that I should stay away from that general area. Granted, it took me three times to firmly learn that lesson. I attribute that to the "three time rule" Mule Mama stuck in my head during the early days of our ground work together. She really knows how to trap a lesson inside my big noggin'!

Queen’s what Mule Mama calls “green broke”. That’s what they used to call me! These days, they're just about me having good rides and bad rides, so I’m not exactly sure what color I am anymore. I do know that when the four of us go riding together, I’m the more experienced equine, so I get to help the ladies teach Queen the ropes. She seems to like following me around on our trail rides, and she’s not afraid of barrels, poles, bridges or any of the spooky things that linger in the corners of arenas either!

Now it’s been six months since that fuzzy-faced, long-eared woman first stepped into life. And it’s clear that she’s pretty much the boss of me when we’re together. She may be like a full hand or more shorter than me, but no matter. I am slowly learning to treat her like a lady. Very, very, very, very slowly, that is.



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