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Journey of a Spotted Mule - Showing Off
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Journey of a Spotted Mule - Showing Off

I finally did it! Mule mama said I could do it, my girl taught me and believed I could do it, so I just breathed and did it. Probably wasn’t the best I’ll ever do, but certainly wasn’t the worst at anything I tried this weekend. My girl achieved more than one goal for me all in one day. She entered me in new riding classes – more than one class on the same day – got me in a busy arena with a whole bunch of other animals, ran me in contesting classes AND showed me in hunter under saddle classes. I even brought home ribbons in some of those!!! Nobody was more shocked than me, I think. I made new friends and had a good time.

The very first class of the day was Speed & Control. My girl actually expected me to walk peacefully inside some box contraption made out of white pipe stuff and orange cones. The cones didn’t scare me – I like to pick those things up at home and carry them around sometimes. But the rest of that doohickey was just weird. I’d never seen anything like it before. She made me get close to it, but I explained with a rapid backing up motion that I objected. We danced this dance a couple of times, but apparently she wasn’t interested in my fancy footwork and just guided me into the box instead, turned me around and off we went, back and forth through some cones, turned around, back and forth and inside that box again. Weeeeee, it was sort of fun to go fast like that and have people hoot and holler for me! Again, again, I want more!

The rest of these “speed classes”, as my girl kept calling them, were made up of things I’d seen before, so she just pointed me in the right direction and off we went. I guess I broke something with my big, wide turns in a few of the events. A record maybe? We were weaving through these tall poles and I made a spectacularly grande turn around an end pole, heard a beep and a giant “Awwwwwwwww” from the crowd. Naturally I assumed they were “awwwwww”-ing because I’m so cute, but mule mama mentioned me breaking a timer. I don’t know what that means, but I did so fantastic in that event that the judge gave us letters instead of a number time – DQ. That’s good, right?! No??

Once I got finished going fast, we put on a different kind of saddle and performed something called Equitation and got a shiny red ribbon to add to my girl’s collection. She seemed really excited about that. We went on and on, in and out of different classes. The last classes we did together were Western Showmanship and Trail In Hand, and we practice those all the time so they didn’t really make me have to think to much. My girl proves to me every time she takes me to one of these places that there’s nothing to be scared of and we always have fun. She mostly loves on me, tells people my story when they ask about me, and she tells me how good I am doing at the new experiences. I guess I could really get used to this kind of stuff.


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