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Journey of a Spotted Mule – Maiden Voyage
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Journey of a Spotted Mule – Maiden Voyage

When I was at the sale barn, a guy sat on me and steered me around then stood on my back. That was just plain weird. For a long time, especially during the extreme desensitizing sessions, my girl would mention throwing a saddle on me just to see what I’d do but seemed hesitant. Then one day she just did it. And then she grabbed her helmet. And then, after taking a reeeeeeeeally deep breath, she climbed on and plopped herself down in the saddle. I didn’t move. I could feel she was nervous and the last thing I wanted to do was startle her. I mean, we were still working on building a good trusting relationship, my ladies and me.

Since I took to the saddling and being sat on so well, mule mama decided it was time to take me out for a pony ride with my favorite old gal, Mindy. She got Mindy all tacked up, clicked a long lead rope on my halter and away we went. It was kind of like playing follow the leader, once I figured out what I was supposed to do. After about half an hour, mule mama handed Mindy over to dad and helped give my girl a leg up. Then off we went to be led around the barnyard. I have to admit, these girls made this riding experience exceedingly more fun than that sale barn ride that I’d had. They giggled and smiled so much, and all just because I was being such a good little boy. Who knew girls were so easy to please! Am I right?

But if I’m being totally honest, this day was a rose among thorns as I learned the fundamentals of riding. And I still have an occasional bad ride, but hey, who doesn’t?


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  1. Andreana Dorrs
    Andreana Dorrs
    Nice article, really enjoyed!
    1. Karin Barga
      Karin Barga
      Thank you for your kind words!

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