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"It's my Turn" by Sunny Ovations
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"It's my Turn" by Sunny Ovations

OK, you have all read posts about my Mom (Bitsy Pine Sun) and my aunt (Maker Miss Ellie) so now it is my turn!  I am a weanling stud colt born in late April in Iowa at Triangle B Quarter Horses and I am so, so handsome!  My human, Julie, loves me alot and has taken such good care of me that I am loving life heading into what I hear is called "winter"!  Don't know much about it but I do know I am happy to have my winter woolies growing to help me stay warm.  Mom and Aunt Ellie are also growing a good hair coat so if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me.  My registered name is Sunny Ovations but I am called Sunny around the barn.  I think it is because of my sunny disposition!

It was warm when I was born and I enjoyed the spring and summer hanging out with my Mom and being supervised and babysat by Aunt Ellie.  I was the only baby this year at the farm so I got full attention from Mom & Ellie.  They complained alot to me about the lack of grass this summer because apparently it was a dry year.  Since I didn't have anything to compare it to, I thought it was just normal!  My Mom is a great mother and she taught me alot.  She made me behave and encouraged me to always stay calm.  Our human Julie seems to think that is a good thing so I'll agree with her. Afterall, she is the one who feeds us!

My summer was spent just being a good boy and enjoying life.  Then, one day, it all changed.  My Mom went away for something they called weaning time.  All I know is I didn't like it!  I missed my Mom but after spending the first 12 hours in the stall where I couldn't hurt myself I was turned back out with Aunt Ellie.  It was so good to see her again.  Not like Mom but the next best thing.  I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed up against her.

The second day of weaning time was also stressful because I tried to get Aunt Ellie to let me nurse but she wouldn't have any of that so I was on my own.  Julie gave me alot of loving attention and made me feel more comfortable and kept my tummy full which helped me be content.  And, guess what?  I survived.

Since I started out 2 weeks premature and then caught a virus when Mom and I went to visit my Dad (I guess I will be having a baby brother or sister next spring), I was a little small.  A few good ounces of GroColt and a 14% protein grain and all the good Iowa hay I wanted to eat every day and I was catching up fast!

Now, Mom is back home and I hang out with her and Aunt Ellie all day.  At night I have my own stall with my own feed and it is a chance to rest from my duties.  Since I am a stallion, I pretend that Mom and Aunt Ellie are "my" mare herd and I try hard to get them to do what I want.  But, Mom will have nothing to do with that idea, she is still the boss.

I am a very good boy.  At least that is what Julie tells me every day.  I now stand to have the clippers used on me and I am good when the farrier comes to give me a pedicure.  This fall I learned about standing while tied up.  That was hard at first but now I am an old pro at it.  I also learned to work in the round pen on the lunge line.  What fun!!  Julie lets me play a little at first and then we get down to business.  I have learned to only go one direction until Julie says "reverse" and when I hear the word "WHOA", I stop, turn and look at Julie.  She loves it when I do that and always walks over and loves on me for it.  I don't get to lope or trot alot in the round pen because it would be hard on my young joints but at least I know how to do it!

Now that winter is coming fast I will likely not be too busy other than eating and growing, growing and eating.  I know that Julie has me for sale but she assures me that I will eventually go to a good home and will get my chance to be a wonderful show horse for someone.  I have a sister that was a Champion so I have four big shoes to fill.  She won something they call Quarter Horse Congress.  I don't know what that is, but I sure hope I get to go there someday!  Julie tells me that she keeps in touch with all my brothers, sisters and cousins so I know she will always be a part of my life.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post.  My next post will likely be about a process called "getting gelded".  Again I don't know what that is but Julie keeps talking about it!

Signing off for now!  Yours truly, Sunny Ovations 

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  1. HorseDiva
    Wow, a horse that writes - and at that young age! A lot of human youngsters could learn from him! ;) Love the writing style, so I voted! If you have the chance, stop by my new piece - Win a Pair of VEGAN Fashion Riding Boots from NeuAura! Check it out and vote, too!
  2. Terri AP Widdowson
    very cute!

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