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It’s All About the Second Chance
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It’s All About the Second Chance

If animals could talk, they would probably express their pain and grief at being left alone in their old age or after an injury. They would be frightened if they knew they were being shipped off to a slaughterhouse because of their bad health. If animals could talk, they would probably implore us not to give up on them.

But animals can’t talk, so a small number of human beings have to stand up for them. Kim Meagher is one such human. She gave up her career as a project manager at Intel Corporation, and decided to give retired horses a second chance at life. Because sometimes, all that matters is getting a second chance.

From Tragic to Beautiful

Meagher founded the Wildhorse Ranch Rescue after she left her career at Intel Corporation. While the work she is doing at her organization is great, the story behind how it all started is quite sad.

Meagher, along with her family, bought some property in 1994. The family bought a horse and named it Brownie. Buying the horse outright was not possible for the family, so they decided to purchase it based on a monthly payment plan.

Sometime later that year, the family had gone to watch a fireworks show nearby. When they came home they found a devastating sight; their horse had gotten so scared of the fireworks and had somehow managed to break its neck in the panic. Their beloved Brownie passed away.

The Start of Something New

The family was unable to fill the gap their horse had left in their lives, not only because a new horse wouldn’t replace Brownie but because they couldn’t afford to buy one either. Meagher, however, had another idea. She decided to publish an advertisement in the paper, asking if anyone had a horse that needed a new home.

This notice brought in a lot of phone calls. Meagher has been rescuing horses since that day, and hasn’t looked back.

The Need for an Organization

For five years, Meagher took care of horses that needed homes using her personal resources but there came a time when this just wasn’t enough anymore. She created a nonprofit organization in order to gather financial assistance from others so that she could continue to give a second chance to all the animals that needed one.

The creation of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue allows her to take in more horses than before. The organization has saved over 200 horses’ lives since its inception, with no signs of slowing down. Meagher has even started taking in donkeys and mules, increasing the number of saved animals even more.

Meagher is one of those people who doesn't have a personal agenda in doing something good. Her love for horses is what started this organization, and it is her love for retired animals that keeps her going. She wants to create a difference in the world, no matter how small it may seem. She’s making sure that the animals that serve us on a daily basis get a second chance to live out the rest of their days in peace and dignity.

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