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Is this new or is my horse just special.
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Is this new or is my horse just special.

My horse was sore in legs, hooves, back and pretty much everywhere. She wasnt limping, but refused to walk. Of course i got the vet out and she tested her back, hips, legs and everything, she was sore but that was it, untill she got to the hooves.

The message was winter laminitis, or traumatic winter laminitis.

I never heard of that, in my world laminitis is a spring/sommer illness and is due to a high level of fructan in the new grass. So i had to find out more.

Traumatic winter laminitis, is when the weather suddently changes from rain and mud to a frozen surface on the pasture, witch will give frozen bumps of mud. Then everytime the horse moves it hurts its hooves on the ground, making the soles of the hooves thinner. So its not from the feed, like regular laminitis.

The entire background for laminitis is not completely uncovered but it can also be caused by frozen grass, witch can cause a colic and then laminitis. Apples picked up from the ground late fall. Also its more common in iceladic horses and the farrier was surpriced that she was sportpony.

If the horse is over 7 years old, the vet should also check for Cushing syndrome and Equin metabolic syndrome.

Well my horse didnt fit in those categorys, eccept frozen ground and apples, she is 3½ years old, i removed and banned anything with starch in it, apples and she just got her regular feed, to rule out the possible options, she was on painmeds for almost 2 months, because of christmas holliday, seeing if the painmeds did the trick, But a pair of shoes with soles was the answer, she got them on and afterwards when she got out on the pasture, she bucked, jumped and ran like she always does.

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