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Is Plan Z Really Necessary?
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Is Plan Z Really Necessary?

Usually when I have a thought, a desire, a dream I immediately start planning how I will make it happen. I create a few plans just in case plan A doesn’t work. I would say most of the time my first plan rarely works. I’m persistent to a fault at times and as a good friend pointed out to me: "Are you a control freak?” I prefer thinking of myself as determined but my herd has often whispered that I am a stupid human and rightfully so at times.

Even after a few years with horses under my belt, I am still amazed at their potential, their powerful insights and intuition about what each person needs. Hence, my quality time with them is always providing me with something to ponder, and at times I get a light bulb moment. Sometimes the message is as simple as what Miss Daisy offered me the other day when I was observing her while contemplating why some of my plans weren’t working. As she was grazing peacefully with the rest of the herd, a horse-fly was hovering around her belly. She continued grazing swishing her tail in the hopes the fly would go and leave her alone. It didn’t and she attempted a few times with the same approach and no results of getting the fly away from her. Then she tried by kicking up her front leg to her belly. That didn’t work either and she eventually moved to a new location and started grazing peacefully. Ah-ha! Just like that, I realized what I was doing wrong. In order to graze peacefully, she had to change her tactic completely. What she wanted at that moment was to graze and not be bothered by the fly. What she did to get to what she desired was to move. She was not frustrated, angry, discouraged, or spent time questioning why she could not get rid of the fly, she simply made a change.

As you are reading this most of you may acknowledge that there are many flies and walking to another location will not get rid of all flies and that one she walked away from may very well get to her again and you are right about that. However, what I want to highlight is what it made me realize. I can have plan A to Z but if I get to Z and I’m still not getting what I planned for, I need to completely change my strategy. Which is what I wasn’t doing. I was doing different things from the same spot. I needed to move. Guess what? I did and it worked. I also learned that the path is more important than the end result. As I was trying different plans, I gained experience through the attempts. Horses teach me lessons every day.

What change do you need to initiate to have a different life, to get the results you want? Is focusing on the same outcome with different trials keeping you in the same spot? Is doing the same thing expecting different results giving you the same? Have you considered doing it in a completely different way? The only person who can make a difference is you by making a change. Thank you, Miss Daisy

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