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Is My Horse Autistic? Faraon's Journey Part Two
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Is My Horse Autistic? Faraon's Journey Part Two

Faraon's first connection was with my other horses and in particular he bonded with Ebony my mare. She seemed to have a calming, grounding influence on him which turned into an almost obsessive need for her. This got to the point where at one stage he had to see her at all times. This meant that she couldn't go into her stable and for a period of about five months had to live out so that he didn't loose sight of her.

He would go into a blind panic if Ebony would go round the corner in the field and he lost sight of her so I had to fence off the separate areas in the field in such a way that he could always see her

Eventually he started to depend on her a bit less for confidence and the trust that she showed in me seemed to gradually be making an impact on his acceptance of me. Ebony acted like a bridge between me and Faraon to show him that people; some people can be trusted and would be willing to accept what he wanted from life and from me as a guardian. 

During the time that Faraon was starting to trust and come out of his shell, I was continuing to learn about healing, animal communication and working with my soul. This work started to feed back to the horses and I became aware that Faraon seemed not only disconnected with those around him but that he was in fact disconnected to a part of himself.

Working with a small group of trusted people we began to tune into Faraon to find out what he wanted and to literally take it from the horses mouth about his future and how that could be supported. 

One of the things that became apparent was that he was incredibly sensitive to other people's emotions and so he had learnt to completely disconnect so that he didn't get overwhelmed. He didn't seem able to tune anything out and so he was literally taking everything in and becoming so overwhelmed that he started blocking anything and everything to protect himself.

Over the seven years before he came to me it also seemed that he had not been allowed or able to express himself, over time making him become completely disconnected from his spiritual self.... his soul.

Now I know that for some people this might be a lot to swallow but this is not only what we felt, what we found out through direct communication with Faraon but it is also what helped us to bring Faraon to a place of comfort and connection. Over the last five years I have worked with Faraon to connect him to his soul and to allow him to choose what he wants from his life.

I feel and believe that horses have a soul and a destiny just like people do but of course if we don't help them or allow them to express themselves at that level, then how are they meant to remain connected to that part of themselves?

By creating the freedom for Faraon and trying to give him the tools to connect to his higher self, over the years he became more happy and content in himself. This contentment then led to confidence to develop new skills and to learn together with my other horses about healing and connecting to people. This started out with a few trusted people who were healers and animal communicators themselves so I could ensure they were taking their direction from Faraon.

This last year he has just started expressing the desire to help others and will choose the people that he feels able to assist and frankly the people he feels deserve his energy. He seems drawn to emotional healing and wants to work with those who are more vulnerable and sensitive like him.

There was one lady that came to the yard and he was immediately showing me through physical signals and also through communication that he wanted to do something. It was her first visit and I wondered how open she would be but I knew I had to give him a chance to connect with her.

I asked her to stand near the stable and he started to heal her. She said she felt as if her heart was going to explode out of her chest as he poured in energy into her heart chakra.

This was the first time he had met someone and immediately shown he wanted to connect. In the past he would need to meet with people a number of times before feeling able to open himself up. This change was such an enormous step for him and the sign I needed that he had reached a massive mile stone in his life.

We are now working with Faraon to continue to build his confidence and extend how many people he can work with and help.

To think back to how he was when he first came to me and the difference in him now, actively seeking connection with not only me but others is such a blessing that has made every moment of difficulty over the years more that worth it.

I know that some people will read this and struggle with the content; there was a part of me that questioned how open to be about working with Faraon on a soul level but I felt that I had to tell the truth because if only one people reads this and it feeds back to one horses life in a positive way, then it is worth the potential negative feedback or judgement I might get.

For anyone who loves horses then I want this article to be viewed from the point of view that what I did helped a horse who was very unhappy and unloved to become the incredible, connected and gifted horse he is today..... so that really can't be a bad thing even if you don't believe or understand it.

I have started working with autistic people on a soul level as well and believe that there may be something we are missing by not looking at this aspect to find out if the key lies at a non physical level. It seems to be having results and if anyone has read the Horse Boy; Shamanism, healing and horses played a massive part in the journey of an autistic boy who traveled to Mongolia to be healed by the Shaman there. Shaman work with spirits and can help to connect our soul more to our physical body; just the same as the work I did with Faraon and that I now do with the horses and other people. 







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  1. jst4horses
    I love this article. We have worked for 37 years using horses to heal. In horseracing and top level performance horse training with my younger son, I too noticed the disconnected horses. I too saw the documentary about the Shamen who healed with horses. Being Native American I know of several of us who use horses to heal. We started taking classes from Patrick San Francesco, at our church, but you can go online, in energy healing, We had done some equine raike and it was awesome. Because I work with expensive and working horses, we have a time squeeze and have seen change in just a few days. It is nice to go to shows, or even trail stables and have horses get excited and want us t o come over and talk to them. We realize soon iit is a horse we have worked with in the past. To me it is so awesome to have helped an animal that was suffering open up and get good from the world. My younger son wrote "the Tai Chi of Horsemanship" it is not published, but when I saw the young man in the yoga article, I thought of him. Maybe someday we will all bring the world back to respecting animals and nature and balance the harmony for peace on this earth and better lives for the animals and ourselves. Instead of horse shows, just fun days with horses as so many of us now have. Tournaments of showing each other how to, and playing with our animals. What a wonderful world that would be.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Thank you for your message; I agree that we would be far better in a world where we work with nature rather than against it. Working with the horses over the years in healing I have seen them open up and change so much and I hope that others get to experience horses in this way rather than when they are forced or shut down. We have just welcomed a new horse into the healing herd from a rescue centre who needs healing herself but who wants to help others to communicate and connect to horses. Maybe one day others will open their hearts and minds enough to hear the horses and discover how amazing they really can be.
      1. julian johansen
        julian johansen
        i agree completlig. anyone is also free to writ to me on my mail julianj@live.dk for more info
  2. julian johansen
    julian johansen
    dam ive waited long to see someone here with some sens. too many only go up in contests and fun, instead of how there horse feel.... i think the start to chance that is the riding schools who first learn people to ''control'' there horses, and chance that to learn people how to bond with them instead. i myself are wotking on to convert a riding school. but its a DAM hard job!!! this is for two reasons. one, the fact abute how the bid hurts in the horses moute. two, that they can't accepth the truth that horses only can have us on there back in 10-15 min. after 10-15 min, they get alminia, withs like what we would get in our leg, if we set on it long enoug. want proff. then go see the path of the horse on youtube. as alexander nevzerov says. those who want to know abute it, they can. but they still keep on doing it. they want to have fun.....

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