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Intuitive Training - Approaching Your Horse as an Individual
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Intuitive Training - Approaching Your Horse as an Individual

Your horse is unique in the way that he or she thinks, behaves, connects, and develops. Although there are many traits that horses have collectively, we often fall subject to the negative stereotypes that circulate the equine world. Doing so limits our relationship with them.

This could lead to anything from the prevention of full growth to misunderstandings that often times damage our bond with horses. In addition, 'learned' knowledge often times blocks our own intuition when training our horses. It’s important to remember that every experience is a training experience and a chance to create or destroy our bond with them.

For those who have been around horses or riding from an early age, the things we have been told about horses has formed the way that we approach them and how we think about them. I remember riding as a child and being told I had to 'show them who is boss', 'dominate', 'be strong', and generally treat the horse with suspicion and distrust. It was as if the story I was being sold was that the horse, at any given opportunity, would try to disrespect me and belittle me.

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. My obsession with them came from a place of worship and awe of this incredible creature. Unfortunately, the people I looked to for advice on how to create a bond with horses instilled negative emotions and fear in me that would end up molding my relationship with them.

We don't realize the impact that words and thoughts of others have on us. They form the foundation of our beliefs both in ourselves and the world around us. It took many years of 'unlearning' and redirecting my source of information before I finally got back to that love and respect that started my equine journey.

Since taking my lead from them, I can now see their individual needs and address those from a place of understanding, trust and respect, rather than the fear based learning that was blocking me from being able to have a true bond with my horses.

It is impossible to be intuitive if your mind is full of assumptions and pre-set judgments. You can't ''feel' your horse's needs or develop a strong bond with them if you don't allow yourself the freedom of mind to come to the relationship raw and uncensored.

With this freedom, comes the chance for your horse to grow and develop into those incredible creatures that we all fell in love with as children. It was the horses with spirit and life that we felt drawn to, and they can only remain in our minds like that if we treat them as the beautiful individuals they are.

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  1. arabobsession
    fantastic article, very much how i approach every new horse i meet.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Thank you so much
  2. arabobsession
    I also am a healer and medium, and I'm trying to connect on a deeper level, have you tried this and how did you go?

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