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If somebody gave you $5,000...
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If somebody gave you $5,000...

What would you do if someone gave you $5,000? What if they told you that the only requirement is that you had to make someone else's dreams come true? Could you do it? How would you do it? Could you make your own dreams come true while making someone else's come true?

If you are passionate enough about something, that is plenty of money.

I can do it!!! It would take me a couple of months to get started but I would eventually make dreams come true for a lot of people for many years. I know you think I am crazy. You are thinking that's not enough money to do that.

My horse dreams all came true the day I bought my first horse, 8 years ago. Now I want to make dreams come true for other people who are passionate about horses. I want to give people the chance to learn about horses, learn to ride, and to see how horses can heal broken hearts and broken souls.

I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have horses in their lives. I know that not everyone can afford to have their own horse. I know that some people can't even afford to take riding lessons. I want people who are truly passionate about horses to have the chance to be around them without having money get in the way. I want to reward people for good behavior, making an effort in school, making good decisions, and whatever trials they overcome in everyday life.

What I am lacking in order to make this dream come true is my own property. I don't need a bunch of land, just 5 to 10 acres. I don't need a big fancy barn, just something big enough for my horses to get out of the weather. I don't need a bunch of horses either; I have 3 already but would love to have two or three more.

Having horses is expensive. You have to feed them, you have vet bills, farrier visits, then you have to have shelter and fencing, the expense list goes on forever. In my house we pay rent first, then anything that our animals need. After that we pay utilities and buy groceries for us. I do what is needed to make sure all of my animals are healthy and happy; in return they make me happy. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

I know $5,000 would not take care of all of that. But $5,000 would help with the down payment on a property and I can manage the rest through my passion and love for horses.


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