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Icky Cold Days
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Icky Cold Days

We're suppose to be enjoying Spring, but Winter still has to get its last licks in. Today is one of those blustery cold, windy wet days. Too cold and nasty to get any work done outside. It's a stay inside under a blanket kind of day. 

It doesn't work that way when you've got a horse though. They don't have the luxury of feeding themselves, unless you have an automatic feeder. lol This morning I got up early because a guy was suppose to come and buy some manure but because of the rain postponed until tomorrow. So I tended to my morning chores, minus the manure removal because of the rain. Instead I opted to just feed and brush Cookie out. I finally got a very good bale of hay in and began this morning to put Cookie back on a regular feeding schedule. I got 2 not so good bales of hay last month and just put them out for her to free feed on.

While Cookie was enjoying her food I proceeded to use the shedding blade and remove much of the hair she had been trying get rid of. As I groomed her, I was whistling the tune to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. An interesting and awesome thing happened! A bird, I assume was a wren or sparrow whistled part of the tune back. At first I was thinking, naw, it's just me thinking I heard it like that. I whistled it again and sure enough the bird responded. While I was grooming and talking to the bird, Cookie looked at me and just walked off. I said aloud, well all righty then! I continued to whistle to the bird and we carried on a short conversation. Cookie padded off across the paddock to a mud puddle, got herself a drink and was checking out the scenery and noises. When I whistled the tune again, Cookie came back over to me. I just figured it to be a fluke. She never comes unless I have food or a treat. lol I commenced to grooming and she commenced to eating. 

This evening I went out and filled her hay manger in the stall, plus filled her hay tub under the shelter and proceeded to groom her some more. I didn't see much change other than she had lost a little weight and top line, (due to the previous hay and not being able to exercise regularly) but her belly appears to be bigger and her teats aren't quite as sucked up as before. She stomped off to drink out of the mud puddle, leave a pile of manure and just stood there across the paddock. I thought for a moment and whistled the tune again. She looked at me, perked her ears and came right up to me. I said well...who would have thought that you would like that movie tune! lol 

Now I don't know if that will work again, though I'm sure going to try it! I guess when one whistled tune doesn't work, try another, your horse just might come running. 


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  1. autumnap
    Voted! Perhaps she'd enjoy a radio in her paddock - tuned to the right station of course! x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thanks! I hadn't thought about that... I'll have to see what I can do :D Thanks for the tip!

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