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I didn't even want a horse
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I didn't even want a horse

I didn't need to buy a horse.  I have enough friends who have "spares" that I could ride whenever, so I was not looking to buy one of my own.  I guess fate had other plans.  

The first time I saw his picture, he was dirty, skinny, and his nose was running.  He had scars all over his face.  His coat was so dull that I thought it was grey, not palomino.  He was in an auctionhouse waiting to be bought up by a kill buyer and then shipped off to a slaughterhouse.  I didn't see all the dirt and grime, all I saw was his kind eye.  I felt connected to him.

But what kind of idiot buys a horse that they don't even need from an auction like that, knowing nothing about him.  I worried over it for days as I watched to see if someone else would buy him.  I would look at his picture 20 times a day.  Finally, someone from a rescue posted that they were taking him in.  I was relieved that he was safe, but sad that he wasn't mine.  Even though I still didn't want a horse.

So, I called up the rescue and offered a donation for him.  Least I could do, right?  One thing led to another and I was driving an hour to go visit.  Then they let me name him.  30 days later when quarantine was up, he was on a trailer headed home.  To me. 

I guess I really did want a horse after all.


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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    It's hard to say no.. & even after you've said it there's just no turning back once they grab your heart. :) Voted

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