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Hurricane Katrina Survivor, Helping Others
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Hurricane Katrina Survivor, Helping Others

Yes, she is a survivor of Katrina, the devastating storm that hit the Gulf Coast of the United States on August 29, 2005. Hurricane Katrina brought with itself sustained winds of 100 to 140 miles of speed per hour, causing catastrophic damages over 400 miles of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Her name is Molly and she is a pony; moreover, an amazing fact about her now is that she is helping other survivors of Katrina.

Even at one stage in her life after surviving the storm, her existence was in jeopardy. Call it destiny or fortune, she survived that nightmare too, although at the cost of losing a part of her body. Handicapped may she is, nevertheless, she is helping many human survivors of Katrina in a very special way.

Molly was left abandoned during the aftermath of Katrina and she had to live on her own for several weeks. Then she was fortunate enough to be brought to a rescue center for animals. Soon her fortune turned out to be a disaster when she was attacked by a pit bull; the assault was so severe that one of her legs was broken from under her knee.

Her struggle continued even after she was brought to LSU (Louisiana State University) where they, upon initial evaluation, dismissed her case as hopeless.

What were the chances of a pony getting an artificial leg at a time when hundreds of humans needed the same? That thing costs a lot of money and of course, Molly had no medical insurance. But things turned around to be better for her as the surgeon began to notice how she was trying to protect her broken leg.

Molly was stoic and was laying down on the opposite side; whenever she needed to shift the weight of her body, she would make sure the weight did not fall wholly on one good leg. It was her intelligent effort, or may be a natural instinct, that grew sympathy in the surgeon for her. So he changed his mind and decided to remove her leg from under the knee and replace it with an artificial leg.

The dissection took place and a custom-made metal leg was installed under her knee. This changed her life and she is an inspiration to hundreds of Katrina survivors. She is helping other victims of the storm by giving them hope; she often tours around different rehabilitation centers with her new owner.

Molly is helping Katrina survivors at rehab centers whom are heavily traumatized. These people need some source of inspiration that gives them hope; only medical treatment is not enough to heal people completely. 

As Molly walks around with an artificial leg among those ill-fated people, she communicates some inspiration, some hope that keeps them going every day; the expectation of a new and better tomorrow keeps coming back to them. 

“If a pony can take it as it is, why not me?” -- That is the attitude Molly creates in them as she appears before them every once in a while.

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  1. KJTYLER11
    what a great story... WAY TO GO MOLLY

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