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Humbling Oneself Proves Satisfying yet Again
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Humbling Oneself Proves Satisfying yet Again

Haven’t people always been telling you to humble yourself as this will make you a better person? Columnist John Crudele of the New York Post decided to pay heed to this advice one fine day and took up the job of shoveling horse poop. When asked how that felt, he openly declared that Horse poop brings out the best in a person.

Where It All began

It began one fine day when the nation had just released their employment report for the month of June. Although being a columnist, Crudele felt he wanted to dabble in something a little different and try his hand at a “real” job. This led to him taking up the job of a stable boy at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey.

His job was to get the muck out of the stalls there. The poop had to be scooped out with the help of a pitchfork and that was bound to be a messy job. His work tasks further included having to give sponge baths to a couple of horses which did not seem that hard an endeavor.

Was It an Enriching Experience for Crudele?

The job entailed ensuring that the horses were presentable for the races. In order to do his best at the job, Crudele arrived at the park at 6 am, feeling proud for having made that extra effort to reach early. However, his balloon soon burst when he realized that all the other grooms showed up at 4 am every morning.

He made sure he did all that was assigned, including feeding the thoroughbred horses and getting in fresh bedding for them once the place was all cleaned up. Crudele shared that it wasn’t an easy job at all but handling horse poop clearly brings out the best in people.

There were parts of the horse that he preferred not having to go near, particularly while bathing them. Thus, another trained groom was made to assist him so that he did not accidentally touch the wrong places and get kicked by the horse.

While there were downsides, the job did have highlights too, according to Crudele. Like having one of the horses he had groomed, win a race against 6 others on a sloping track. He even bet on the horse who was named Light’s Gone Wild.

The owners of Light’s Gone Wild won $US 30,000 from which 10 percent of the winnings were given to the trainers of the horse and its jockey since after all, all played some significant part in Light’s victory.

What Did He Take From the Experience?

Funnily, the most important thing that Crudele said he learned from the experience was that horses are completely unconcerned about who works on “rear aspects” as long as they are kept well fed. The second thing he learned was that a trainer knows best if his horse is going to win so you should always heed their advice.

However, the reason Crudele took up this job was to acknowledge the hard work that average Americans put in every day. He has done this in the past too and is always humbled by the difficulty of these jobs and continues to insist that doing jobs like shoveling horse poop, brings out the best in a person.

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