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How to Use a Western Cinch Strap
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How to Use a Western Cinch Strap

Using a Western cinch strap can be a puzzling topic if you’re new to the whole tack subject of your horse, but I assure you that it is quite simple with this step-by-step post. Enjoy!

How to Cinch with Western Cinches

  1. Reach under your horse’s belly with your dominant hand and running your hand along the strap to ensure that it is not twisted and will lay flat on your horse's underside. It should lay right at the heart girth which is right behind the elbows and withers. 
  2. Attach the latigo which is what attaches the cinch to the saddle and make sure to pull it snug but not too tight. If your horse has been cinched before they might have learned to puff out their mid-section so you think the cinch is tight. However, when you put the rest of the tack on the horse and they let go, everything will be loose. If you see them puff out, sit there, entertain them and once they relax, cinch it quickly.
  3. Run the strap through the saddle D-ring. This is the ring attached to the layer of leather under the saddle. Do so from the outside to the body of the horse and completely through pulling to the left hand side. 
  4. Cross to the right side and go from the horse side out to tie the knot. Before you tie it, thread it through the loop that forms when you cross over.
  5. If you wish to tighten the cinch - if your horse is stubborn this comes in handy - grab the end but not the loose end that has gone through the D-Ring and pull up.
  6. You can leave the loose end hanging or you can thread it through a latigo holder as the rope can frighten or annoy the horse if left long.

Hope this helps when you're using a Western cinch strap.

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