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How to Keep Outdoor Muck Where it Belongs
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How to Keep Outdoor Muck Where it Belongs

Having horses in your compound is a sure bet that it will also be host to swarms of insects like flies, dust, mud, and dander. However, this shouldn't to bother you much since there are a number of ways you can keep them out of your house and off of your family members. Check out these 3 tips below:

1) Leave the mud out

While some people remove their shoes before entering the house as a norm or tradition, as a horse owner you may have to adopt this even if you don’t do it normally. This way, you’ll ensure that no unnecessary mud, dust, or barn crumbs are carried into the house from the horse shed. But for those times when you can’t do it, there are a number of approaches and tools you can use to help reduce the outdoor stuff on your shoe soles:

  • Use a boot scraper to scrape off the worst of the mud;
  • Install a welcome mat for wiping your feet before entering the house;
  • Use muck shoes as alternative outdoor shoes; and
  • Use clean comfort shoes for the indoors.

2) Always sweep your environment clean

Do you find it enjoyable shoveling horse manure into a wheelbarrow yet abhor the pushing of a broom across your kitchen floor? Then you’re like most equine owners. But this isn’t something to celebrate really. When you’re a horse owner, you need to learn to make some mundane domestic chores part of your life. Keep the floors clean by sweeping regularly or by using specialty brooms and vacuum cleaners. Keep those hair tufts, dust bunnies, and other trail dirt items out. In addition, you can:

  • Take advantage of barn dog-grooming supplies like shampoos to get rid of odors;
  • Use a shedding comb to ensure that your dog leaves most of his excessive fur outdoors; and
  • Apply floor coverings like tiling, lamination and vinyl.

3) Take control of the air space

However much you may like the smell of fresh hay in the barn, it isn’t very welcome indoors. Flies and mosquitoes that may be found in the equine barns are also totally unwelcome in the house. You therefore need to keep these unwanted things out where they belong by:

  • Use a mesh screen door as a physical barrier to keep flying insects out;
  • Make use of stingless parasitic wasps that eat newly-hatched mosquito and fly larva;
  • Keep the horse sweat in your clothes off your furniture and the house; as well as
  • Use baking soda (plus detergent) when washing your grimy riding apparel.

Image source: flickr.com

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    These are some useful tips! Thanks for sharing, Dajine.

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