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How to Easily Take Care of Your Horse
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How to Easily Take Care of Your Horse

Your horse’s care should be one of your top priorities. Most people would want their horse to live a healthy 30 to 35 years. Horses require dedicated care in order to grow and survive. This includes not only cleaning, but also proper feed.

Cleaning your horse is required to keep your horse healthy. Try to use rubber utensils such as a curry comb, or a hard scrubber to remove large objects from the fine skin and the hair of your horse. Then, you can run a soft comb through the hair of your horse in order to rid it of small dirt or dust particles. After cleaning the mane of a horse, take a hoof pick and pick the dirt off of the hooves of the horse. Be careful to avoid scraping the “frog”, as it is the cushion of the horse's foot. If scraped, it could hurt the horse.

Without proper feed, horses cannot survive. Take the time out of your day, to calculate the amount of feed that your horse requires based upon their weight. This will ensure that you do not starve or overfeed your horse.

Just like humans, horses also have to digest their food. It is suggested by experts to keep a primary roughage, or hay, meal every day. This meal should account for at least 1-2% of their body weight per day. Grain can also be provided to your horse as well. Providing grain in small servings rather than all at once ensures that your horse will be able to digest their food. It is also recommended to only feed your horse an hour before or after activity. Food digestion can take up a lot of lung capacity which could possibly harm the horse during activity.

Following these simple tips will allow you to keep your precious horse clean, fit, healthy, and strong!


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