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How to Treat Thrush
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How to Treat Thrush

Horse thrush is a lameness that affects quite a lot of horses. It is very painful if it is not treated and affects the cleft of the frog, so makes it very difficult to walk if not taken care of. You can detect it especially by its smell after cleaning the horse’s hoofs, and you might also be able to spot some discharge. Although several of you may have learned to clean this with peroxide or worse, bleach, you can now rest assured that safer methods exist.

There are ways to prevent thrush. One, clean your horse’s hooves regularly. Two, use essential oils every time all over the hooves to help prevent them, or daily if your horse is prone to thrush. And, the few times they show up, clean them with the oils to help cure them.

The Essential Oils used for Thrush are the following:

• Tea Tree of Melaleuca alternifolia • Lemongrass • Rosemary • Myrtle • Lavandin • Citronella • Thyme

How to apply the oils when there is a thrush:

Clean the hoof completely and properly – be meticulous. Apply the oils directly to the thrush. For severe cases, take a cotton ball dipped in the oils and insert it in the cleft of the hoof, then take it out. Repeat once a day.



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  1. autumnap
    Voted. Useful advice as always! Thrush is horrible - always makes you feel like a bad mother but some horses are just prone to it no matter how good the stable management. I've just posted an article which was very painful for me to write - Grass Sickness. Please have a read a vote if you like it. x
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Great blog! Coming out of winter, there's bound to be horses with Thrush somewhere that can certainly benefit from hoof care. :) Please check out A Young 4-H'er & vote if you like it. Thanks! :
  3. tintlio
    thank you for this post. I am dealing with thrush at this moment, but it's from the dang muddy pastures that I can't get to drain off thanks to no one telling me about this section of town being all slate under the dirt!!! that and the septic system that is in the front of me not working properly and draining into my pastures and yard!!!! argh I despise people who do not care they have fur ever friends behind them!!!
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