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How to Properly Muck Out a Horse Stall
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How to Properly Muck Out a Horse Stall

Horse owners know that a clean stall equals a comfortable horse and contributes to the overall health of a horse. A person does not have to obtain a degree in microbiology at an Ivy League University to muck or clean out a horse stall, but there is a proper and efficient method. Stall mucking is the least pleasant chore for horse owners; therefore, completing the chore in the least amount of time possible is an attractive choice.

Concrete stall floors with proper drainage are ideal. Stall mats are also helpful. Some owners prefer straw beddings, while others elect to utilize wood shavings for bedding material. Wood shavings are easier for sifting. A metal pitchfork is ideal for sifting through straw and a plastic pitchfork works best for sifting wood shavings.

Tools Required:

  • Absorbent deodorizer
  • Broom
  • New bedding (straw or wood shavings)
  • Pitchfork 
  • Rake
  • Shovel 
  • Stall mats optional
  • Wheelbarrow or muck bucket


  1. Toss soiled straw or shavings toward the door of the stall.
  2. Clean bedding should be tossed against the back wall.
  3. Rake all manure and dirty bedding out of the stall.
  4. Shovel the manure and dirty bedding into a wheelbarrow or muck bucket.
  5. Sweep all but the floor against the back wall clean with a broom. The floor against the back wall contains clean straw or shavings.
  6. Sprinkle an absorbent deodorizer on damp spots to reduce ammonia levels, absorb moisture and eliminate odors.
  7. Properly dispose of the contents of the wheelbarrow or muck bucket.
  8. Clean the pitchfork and wheelbarrow.
  9. Allow the stall to completely dry out for several hours. The stall should be bone dry before spreading bedding or allowing horses to enter stalls.
  10. Spread the clean bedding out from the back wall over the entire stall floor with a pitchfork.
  11. Add new bedding, if needed and fluff all shavings or straw with a pitchfork.

*Royalty free photo courtesy of Ellenm1 at Flickr's Creative Commons. 

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  1. Archippus
    This is a job that nobody likes, but since it is a necessity let's get it done quick!!!!
  2. pftsusan
    And in the end, all the hard work for them is more than worth it.
    1. Archippus
      Definitely if you want a healthy horse, stalls must be cleaned! Thanks Susan!
  3. immasweetiepie
    Great article! My uncle had horses when we were younger. Helped him with his horse's! Miss those days.
    1. Archippus
      I too have friends and family members that have gone on ahead to Heaven! Some that I miss very much! Thanks for the support Immasweetiepie!

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