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How to Make your Horse Happy
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How to Make your Horse Happy

Horse owners typically adore their pet. If it wasn’t for that, chances are they wouldn’t purchase one as this is such an expensive animal to acquire and care for. Therefore, they want them to be as calm, relaxed, and happy as possible in their new home. WikiHow gives tips on how to do this the perfect way. Here is a summary of the advice they give, along with a bit of warnings on what not to do.

1. Feed often a a little at a time. Since in nature horses graze all day, they prefer small and repetitive feedings.

2. They like routine; follow a schedule for their feedings.

3. They need a lot of fiber because they love to chew. It helps relieve stress.

4. Groom every day. This keeps their fur shiny.

5. Most horses prefer being in a stable with bedding.

6. Just like humans, horses are social creatures. Let them out together to bond, just like they did when they were still wild.

7. Give it lots of exercise. They need it and enjoy it.

8. When exercising, let it play, too. Riding all the time will make it become bored.

9. They need to wind down, so give them time to relax.

10. Keep the hooves clean. This should be done every day.

11. Make sure the tack is properly adjusted and fits well. Watch the horse’s body language when putting it on; this is your best indication if it fits.

12. Horses enjoy being petted and scratched, so go for it! You’ll let it know it’s loved.

13. Give your horse some toys. It will help reduce boredom when you’re not around, especially if you only have one.

14. Try to copy their natural behaviour and state in the wild as much as possible. This helps you bond better.

Do not:

1. Get too close to the eyes when giving it a bath or grooming it. These areas are sensitive. You will know because it may bite you or show some other sign of distress.

Follow these rules and you will have the happiest horse ever!

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