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How Well Do You "Know" Your Horse?
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How Well Do You "Know" Your Horse?

I'm sure if you've had your horse a while, you've seen all their antics, witnessed all their shenanigans.... or have you? 

Today I went for a brisk 10 minute walk just before it was time to feed Cookie. As I got near the homestretch I heard a high pitched shrill whinny. I thought it was one of the horses in a trailer that had just passed and didn't give it a second thought, though it did make me smile. 

When I got back to the house, I grabbed a bottle of water and promptly drank 1/2 of it down. Then headed to the back to go feed. I opened the back door, and I was not greeted with the usual nickers of love I get from Cookie. Instead, my girlfriend was sitting on the bottom step apparently in distress, and so was Cookie. She promptly asked me if I heard her and I said Oh?! That was HER? She said, yes, she was kicking the fence and hollering very loudly. She said when she heard it it sounded like tires squealing on the pavement. Then she tried to feed Cookie but couldn't get the shelter door open so she walked as fast as she could back to the house and Cookie cut her off.

Upon hearing this news all I could do was laugh. You see, my girlfriend is not so much a horse person, though she is learning and does try very hard. Cookie just wasn't about to let her off the hook quite so fast. Cookie wanted her dinner and assumed I had gone off to the "lot" without her which was the reason for her whinnying. It's the first time I have ever heard her whinny.

Poor thing was so upset with me she came up to me I guess to see if I was alright, then promptly pushed me towards the hay shelter. After I put her hay out, she went into her stall to eat and didn't bother seeing me to the door like she normally does. It's quite cute really. When she is in her stall eating and she sees me heading back to the house, she pokes her head out the door until I get to the patio, then she goes back to eating. Tonight, she didn't give me the time of day. 

I know "most" of Cookie's antics and shenanigans, though I'm guessing I don't quite know all of them. I'm sure she has a few hidden tricks up her sleeve just waiting for the right moment to spring them on me when I least expect it. We have grown quite close in the year I've had her home. 

One of her antics is every time I go out there she lovingly nickers and most of the time comes to see if I have any treats. She's a major treat hound. Even if I don't have any treats, she'll walk away, though not far. She has quite the pallet for different treats and if I'm not fast enough getting those pecans out of the shell, she'll use her upper lip to push my hand out of the way to try and get to it. If I have peppermint in plastic wrap, she'll do the same thing, only she'll come from across the paddock to get one all high headed and high stepping. 

Her shenanigans at the moment are only getting into the hay shelter. She watches to see how I do it, then if I am ever so much as 15 minutes late, she'll help herself. Though I fixed it up pretty good and lately the only thing she has been getting out of the deal is some missing hair on each side of her face. I'll have to fix the gate better. 

Some more of her antics include being so tired when it's time to work, but after work if we're going to the lot she's got all the energy of the energizer bunny. I bring her lunch and late evening hay nets onto the back porch, so it's easier to feed and sometimes she'll jump the gun thinking I'm late and come up the back porch steps, looking in through the screen. 

I know she's spoiled, and I know it's my fault. I wouldn't trade her for anything. With all her personality, she keeps me on my toes and laughing often. 


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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Gotta love her!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Definitely! :D

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