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How To Be a Good Neighbor
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How To Be a Good Neighbor

Normally our biggest concern with our neighbors is “Do they make a lot of noise?” In the case of sharing a few feet with a horse, ruckus isn't the only concern. It’s often manure and safety, among other things. However, concerns vary with everyone, but the top two in my book can be managed with good tips.

Manure Management Tips

  1. Remove manure regularly: This includes removal by waste haulers, composing, or direct land application.
  2. Direct land application: Manure can be beneficial for pasture or to forage crops (if you use manure as fertilizer).
  3. Composing/Waste Removal: Agricultural operations, landfills, or recycling facilities may collect manure.

Safety Tip

• It is good to have the proper fencing for your horse, so that they do not stray off onto other peoples land (or worse), into public areas, such as highways. It would be horrible for your horse to damage someone’s property or for an accident to occur, due to something as simple as locking a gate.

 Another inside secret is that if your horse is happy, everyone’s happy. Make sure they have a fresh water supply and plenty of food. Horses love their chow time. Remove any items that cause your horse to feel uncomfortable, and replace them with love and consideration for your horse, as well as your neighbors. Another golden rule is communication. Your neighbor may know little about horses and build up expectations and questions that may reside wrongly. If you introduce yourself and your horse(s) to your neighbors, and maybe give them some general safety tips to calm their nerves, you are only being a responsible neighbor.

Knowledge is power. When it comes to neighbors, I assure you that once their safety is confirmed and they get to know you and your horse, you will be welcomed into the neighborhood. All it takes is a little initiative to be a great neighbor. 


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  1. Louise
    Horses are like our children. They love unconditionally. Horses that have been mistreated are like children thrown away. I don't see how people can do this to the beautiful animals that our God has created for us to enjoy. We were put here to take care of these animals. I think anyone who treats animals in such ways should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. We as horse owners know the beauty of such animals. I hope that we can stop animal abuse by choosing to love not hate. How would we feel if we were never loved by anyone. I had to sell my horse but I know who has her and I often ride by just to see her.

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