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How Our Friends Can Improve Our Security: Internet Password Protection Horses!
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How Our Friends Can Improve Our Security: Internet Password Protection Horses!

Do you have a hard time remembering your passwords? I know, that's not exactly the start of a blog post on OfHorse.com that you're used to seeing, but I promise you, there's relevance.

So, do you? I know I do. Some websites only require a few letters, some others need a capital. Some take numbers. And then there's a few that require all of the above and a symbol, too. Even if I wanted to use the same password across the board, I couldn't do it! There are too many! So many days of hitting "request a lost password" and so many times does it tell me that I can't use that password, it's too close to my last one.

I'm sure you can all relate.

That's why I'm here to tell you all about something that seems absolutely perfect for us. A password book, disguised as a book about horses. Naturally, we horse lovers have tons of books about our precious friends nestled around the house. That's normal, or even expected. Nobody would think to look in a book about horses for your e-mail password, or the code for the parental locks on the television.

So, it's perfect. Adorable, even. I like having things that cater to me, things that don't seem too out of place around my house. It's a pretty cute book, too... and aptly named 'Foal Play' because the creator of this is, frankly, a genius. Thank you, Ceri Clark!

Here's a synopsis from the book's Amazon.ca page:

"Are you always forgetting your website logins, usernames and passwords? Do you have lots of sticky notes, old envelopes or labels around the house to remember them? Would you like to find a better way? Foal Play is a discreet password notebook that is disguised as horse book. Add all your website information in one handy place to organize your internet life. The design is a password journal with a difference. It was created so that opportunist thieves won't know what it is at a glance. This means that you can hide it in plain sight on your bookshelf at home with other books."

I've already ordered my copy, and I'm here to suggest that you do the same. Your information will be well kept by our hoofy friends.


Photo by Tiia Monto on Flickr.

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