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How Foals Are Protected By Mares?
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How Foals Are Protected By Mares?

How Are Foals Protected By Mares?

If you want to get an answer to the question of how foals are protected by mares, you might find the next few lines interesting and informative. Horses are by nature great runners and this is perhaps their biggest defense against predators. Young foals are also referred to as precocious animals. Shortly after their birth, they are capable of running with great agility. Running away from at the first sign of danger is the best self-defense mechanism that horses have when there is a need to protect them from predators.

Do Mares Surround the Foals

There is a common belief that mares have a habit of surrounding the foals so that they can provide a protective ring against predators. However, according to some experts who observe the movements and behaviors of horses, they might be in the habit of doing something referred to as clustering. This is not done as a matter of routine but it might not be uncommon to see the mares pushing the foals behind them so that there is some sort of protection available against predators. The circling method is perhaps prevalent among other animals that have other defensive mechanisms such as horns and tusks. The reason horses are not able to make big circles is perhaps because they run in small groups. On the other hand, other animals run or move around in a few dozens or perhaps even in scores and it is easier for them to form a thick circle around which the young ones are sheltered. This may not be possible as far as horses are concerned.

Horses Have Other Ways to Protect Themselves

Mares are not without their own formidable forms of defenses. They have a nasty bite, they can strike and they have strong legs which are capable of giving a lethal kick which can break even the toughest of bones. A stallion in particular is known for its ability to be highly protective of its band and they will try their best to protect their clan from predatory attacks. They are masters in coming out with elaborate posturing and have a number of fight sequences which might scare even powerful and ferocious intruders and predators.

Community Life Is Their Biggest Strength

Whether foals are raised domestically or in the wild they have the comfort of a group which is extremely agile, vigilant, alert and communicative. They try and stay away from predators to the maximum extent possible. They have vocal calls or other forms of communication that can also help the foals to be united with their mothers in case they get lost. Hence for all practical purposes, the stallions that herd the group always consider the foals as a part of the entire herd and they are taken care of extremely well. It is the togetherness, alertness, ability to posture and most importantly their ability to steer clear of trouble which helps them to ward off predators and saves the lives of foals.


Image credit: horsejournals.com

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