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Household Items Provide Cheap Horse Care Alternatives
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Household Items Provide Cheap Horse Care Alternatives

Nothing in the world really comes cheap anymore. Unless you’re someone with no financial troubles whatsoever, you have to be careful of how you spend every hard-earned dollar. The trouble is that almost all of us have that one hobby which we just can’t live without. For many people that hobby is keeping a horse as a pet, and caring for a horse can be expensive.

Whether you’re one of those people, or someone who needs a horse for their work, you should know that there are many household items that can provide the same results as the much expensive dedicated horse care equipment. So if you are short on cash, or just want to be smart when it comes to your finances, take a look at some of the cheaper alternatives for your horse’s care.

Clean ‘Em Up!

Keeping a pet is always a demanding task. You have to clean your animals and make sure that all the equipment they use is clean as well. Here are a few common items that you can use to keep your horse looking and feeling fresh:

  • Get a common brush-and-dustpan set from your local store. This is as effective as any dedicated horse-cleaning brush you can get.
  • Another common household item that proves to be a great horse care alternative is a sponge. Use this to clean the eyes of the horse as well as to keep its tack shiny and new.
  • Whether it is to clean your laptop’s screen or your horse’s coat, a microfiber cloth is a perfect and inexpensive item to have lying around the house.
  • Need to wipe off grass stains from your horse’s body? Use baby wipes, and you will be pleasantly surprised at their effectiveness.

Keep Them Healthy and Active

Being an animal of the outdoors, it is very common to see horses getting scratched or bitten by insects. Instead of going to a vet and buying expensive ointments for these rashes and scratches, use Sudocrem. This is present in most houses with little children, and it is very good to help soothe your horse’s skin.

Another item you can use in order to bandage your horse’s leg or foot in case of injury is a disposable nappy. These also help in keeping the wounded area sterile.

All the Rest

These are some common and inexpensive household items you can use for your day-to-day horse care.

  • To help you keep all your scissors, brushes, and other small pieces of equipment organized, you can use a simple bathroom organizer.
  • For those people who have no electricity in their yards or barns, buying a head lamp goes a long way.
  • You will be surprised how effective something as common as baking soda is for cleaning water buckets and other such materials. The best part is that, unlike cleaning chemicals, it is safe to be ingested by the horses as well.
  • And finally, to make your horse’s socks look extra white, use some baby powder and you’re good to go!

There you have it - all the horse care you require with the peace of mind that you are not spending a fortune on it. Now you can easily keep your horse looking and feeling good with some common household items that you can get from any local store.

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