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Horses as Healers and Spiritual Beings
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Horses as Healers and Spiritual Beings

I have been working with my horses in a healing capacity for over eight years; first of all learning to heal them and how to read their energy and then learning how to combine my energy with theirs in different combinations in order to heal others. This method works with not only other animals but also with people.

One of the areas we have had the most success is in connecting with autistic children and helping them to become more grounded in themselves, as well as affecting their energy with ours. During the time that the children and their families and helpers are with us, they become part of the 'herds' energy and join with us both telepathically and energetically; sharing chakra systems and a group aura.

Chakra means wheel of energy and there are seven major points that run through both people and animals. You can match and sync your chakras to join with another as well as with a group such as a herd of horses.

Aura is the energy field around a person and a horse and can be tight around the body which may show disease or confidence issues or it can be very expansive.

In order to develop this method I first of all studied Reiki and became a Master/Teacher. Although this method is very popular I can't really call what I do Reiki anymore. The work Reiki means Universal Life Energy so of course I am still working with this, but the techniques and methods I now use are far more advanced and unlike many people who work with Reiki I know exactly which spirit guides I work with during any healing session and I know the exact strands of energy that I am using. In fact it's the relationship with non physical beings that has allowed me to develop in this specific and precise way with energy; working with over a 1,000 both humanoid and animals guides in the eight years I have been developing my spiritual side.

The horses who share my life also share my passion for energy work and each one of them is able to channel and work with different types of energy, meaning that as a group or herd we can work with many different types of people and mix many strands together to create the perfect healing web.

I have helped my horses to connect with their souls and I know for each of my horses where their soul came from and the reasons that it came to Earth; so that I am fulfilling their and my destiny together in working in the way that I do with the horses.

This physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way of being with them has changed my life and theirs and now that we share our energy and secrets with the world, so many more lives can benefit from understanding about this energetic and spiritual bond that goes way beyond what we have ever known with horses.

As a channel and energy processor the horses can far exceed what we can; so as healers they are phenomenal! 

I feel lucky to be on the path that I am and to share it with some exceptional horses. They are far more then we ever thought they could be and to allow them to reach their highest potential is a blessing.

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