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Horses and Human Chakra Points
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Horses and Human Chakra Points

The chakras are important to keeping in balance and in good health. The word Chakra means wheel of energy and when open they will spin with energy and resonate at a colour. Some people can sense this energy and feel when they are open. There are even now camera that have been specially made that can pick up on the chakras which resonate at a colour frequency.

I will now detail where the chakras are located. These are the major chakra, there are minor ones but if the major are worked on then that is often enough to stimulate the entire energy systems.

Crown Chakra on humans is the top of the head and on horses is between their ears at the top of their head. This is Violet in resonation.

Third Eye Chakra is between the eyes on both humans and horses and is purple is resonation.

Throat chakra is in the middle of the throat in both humans and horses and is blue is resonation.

Heart Chakra is in the centre of the chest on people, on horses you can work with this point just in front of or behind their front legs and is green in resonation.

Solar Plexus in humans in between the breasts and belly button on people and in the middle of the horses trunk. This is yellow in resonation.

Sacrel Chakra is between the belly button and base of the spine on people and where the horses reproductive organs are, this is orange in resonation.

Base Chakra is at the base of our spine and at the top of the horses tail and is red in resonation.


Wearing the colours of the chakras can influence them as well as holding your hand over that point, massage stimulates the energy flow as well or using crystals or working with a pendulum. If both you and your horses chakras are open then you will be able to connect more easily with one another and create better balance and harmony.

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