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Horses Love Chickens - Why Not Raise Both!
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Horses Love Chickens - Why Not Raise Both!

Horses are amazing! They are beautiful, affectionate and they offer so much. Few of us regret the decision to bring them into our lives. We also know that keeping a horse involves the arrival of other critters, namely, insects. Bugs come with the package, and they are a nuisance as well as being deliverers of disease. Limiting the amount of these pests is a multi-faceted process; have you ever considered adding some fluffy additions to your homestead to help with insect problems?


Adding some beautiful, feathered friends to your horse farm will be a great idea that you won't regret. Chickens are smart, affectionate and clean. They also love to eat bugs.

Raising chickens is not complicated. You can convert a stall in your barn to a chicken room by adding a nesting box and a roost. They will need fresh water every day and a feeder with free-choice chicken grain; organic is best. Besides a fresh supply of pastured eggs, you will get:

  • Chickens meandering around will help to desensitize the horses to other animals.
  • The birds scratch up fly larvae and they significantly reduce the ticks on your property.
  • 5 birds, including a rooster, will be enough to "de-bug" your pasture.

Horses and chickens are a natural pairing. Old fashioned farms always had a flock roaming around, and they did so for good reason. These birds supplied eggs and they were the pest control patrol; chickens also hunt small animals and their presence deters mice!

What to Expect

You will want to construct a fenced in poultry yard to protect the birds when predators are most likely to be roaming, like in the early morning and the evening. Usually, the horses' presence helps to intimidate predators, but hawks may be a risk in your area.

For more information, including in-depth tips on what to expect from these feathered friends, visit Black Thistle Farm. With some chicken keeping knowledge and a spirit for adventure, you will be a chicken expert in no time. Find out if adding a few birds would be a good fit for your horse farm. Your horses will thank you and you may start to wonder about one new circumstance, asking yourself what happened to all of those ticks and flies?

Rooster Notes

Roosters are exotic looking and strikingly handsome. Try some of the larger breeds - Brahma, Wyandotte, Jersey Giant, Cochin - for your farm. These gentle giants help keep the hens safe, and their clarion calls are iconic echoes of days past. Contrary to popular myths, roosters do not crow all day and night. They go to bed at dusk and wake up when you begin the daily chores. Most dogs bark more than a rooster will crow, and a cock's call is no louder than a dog's bark. Add some roosters, and you will be struck by these boys' regal presence each day.

Chickens are fun. That's why so many people are getting into the bird hobby. Don't miss out. Find out what everyone is crowing about!

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