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Horses Help Their Riders Stay in the Game
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Horses Help Their Riders Stay in the Game

One of the horse lovers I know, who reads the articles posted on Of Horsehas encouraged me to study the information about horses that heal. When I got to looking at the details on that subject, one thing stood out in my mind. I kept reading about soldiers who felt that an injury had forced them to be taken "out of the game."

Their nerves and spirits had been shattered. The act of getting on and riding a four-legged animal helped them to heal their frayed nerves and spirits. As someone who likes to write about different moments in history, I am well aware of the fact that a horse's gallop or trot has allowed many men and women to be an active participant in life.

In fact, in the old west, a man would have trouble earning a living without a horse. That was why members of the Texas Rangers would hang anyone who had been caught stealing horses. If that policy were put in force today, any car thief in Texas would be placed at the end of a rope.

As an author, I would have far fewer things to write about, if horses had not been such a dependable form of transportation in the past. I would not have been able to compose a paragraph or two about the arrival of a man in the square at York, Pa, a man with a message about what was happening to General Washington and his troops.

I have also written about a Persian gentleman who was forced to leave his home. Outside of the members of this family, his faithful steed was his only companion. I imagine that the loyal animal that carried that refugee/prisoner away from his native land also helped him to keep his spirit intact. Thus, he did not feel that he had been denied an opportunity to carry out his life's mission. A horse had helped to heal his spirit, while carrying him to a place where he could continue his mission.

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