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Horses Heal more of my journey
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Horses Heal more of my journey

I believe it was my next summer stay with my grandparents that I discovered the barn. You walked along the fence line where the water tank was for the horses and then down a rocky path next to an old silo that was mostly deteriorated. Grandma always told me to stay next to the barn and don't go near the old silo as she didn't want me to fall in and drown. In the front of the barn, they had one cow that they milked just for themselves. In the back of the barn was my Heaven the oat bin and "Baldy".

I spent a lot of time with Baldy (he was a stud) cross the high boarded fence. It seemed a long climb to get to the top so that I could pet his beautiful blonde horse "bangs" (he was a Palomino). As a few days gone by, just climbing to the top of his boarded pen wasn't close enough for the young girl that yearned for the love that the horses gave her in the silence when they were together. I climbed in this pen. (Remember I was approximately 5 years of age). I came up to his belly. This was Heaven! He nuzzled me with his muzzle, and I totally trusted him and did not fear him in any way.

Grandma entered the barn and saw where I was. She asked me in her stern but calm voice to please get out of Baldy's pen. I always obeyed Grammy. After the long climb from the interior of the pen to the other side, Grammy told me to never go in there again. I could get hurt and she didn't want me hurt. Baldy was a strong and big horse. Grammy scared me with what she had said. Should I fear what gives me comfort and makes me feel wanted? I'm different in same way that on one else understands?

More to come...

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