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Horses Finally Breathe Easy
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Horses Finally Breathe Easy

Horses have always been known to be one of the most loyal and helpful animals to human beings, and humans have always had a close connection to them. The extent to which horses help us on a daily basis demands that we take good care of them in return.

One of the major problems that horses, especially those that take part in races, face has to do with breathing. It is not easy for a horse to breathe during strenuous exercise because they can only breathe through their nose and it can swell with time. Thanks to CNS Inc., horses can finally breathe easy.

Strained Breathing Can Cause Problems

The nasal passage of a horse has a soft outer layer which can become inflamed when they breathe too heavily. This can cause the tissue to close and make it difficult for a horse to breathe properly while running, which cuts down performance greatly.

A Flair Equine Nasal Strip

Similar to the Breathe Right nasal strips we are all familiar with, its makers have now introduced the Flair equine nasal strip for horses as well. This will work just like the Breathe Right strips by opening up the nasal passage of the horse, which will help it perform to its maximum ability.

This simple yet effective solution will help horses to finally breathe easy when they are taking part in any competitive event. They can’t be expected to turn every horse into a winner, but the Flair can help them do their best without having to strain to breathe too much.

Further Uses of Flair

The strips have been extensively tested, and their clinical trials have shown that they might also be helpful in the reduction of pulmonary hemorrhage that can be induced by too much exercise. To treat this problem, horses are normally given Lasix.

The next step is to determine whether the use of this strip will affect Lasix in any way. It could help reduce pulmonary hemorrhage even further if it works in harmony with Lasix. The reason for that possibility is that Lasix reduces the blood pressure in the body whereas the strip helps reduce the pressure in the lungs.

Tests to Get it Right

The two inventors of Flair, Ed Blach and Jim Chiapetta, say that the strip has been finalized after many prototypes were made and rejected. The first iteration was something that would fit the whole face of the horse. The idea for Flair is one that came to the mind of Ed Blach at 3 in the morning, and it is a novel one.

The strip is being tested by various horse owners in multiple states in the USA. Jockeys and trainers have positive reviews for Flair, saying that this 4 by 6 inch strip is helping their horses be more relaxed and focused on the task they are performing.

Human beings need to care for the animals they work, race, and enjoy. Helping them breathe easy may be just a small thing for us but it could make the difference between winning and losing for a racehorse.

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