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Horse Yoga Fascinates
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Horse Yoga Fascinates

During its evolution, mankind has developed strong connections with different tamed animals (horses, dogs) that have contributed significantly to our progress. Working with animals has always been a fascinating domain, but when it is being taken to a new level, it is even more exciting and challenging in the same time.

This is the example of Doma Indian School located in San Luis, Argentina which is known for using horse yoga in order to tame wild stallions. The technique it is controversial, but fruitful. Doma Indian School was founded by Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, father and son, who put up the horse yoga method.

What is it about? In the simplest terms: horses lie on their backs whilst handstands are performed on them. This method claims on the one hand the horse taming and on the other hand gaining their trust and loyalty. People should forget about the notion “downward dog” and take into consideration a new one: “downward horse”.

Doma Indian School from Argentina is not only taming horses, but also making them calmer. Scarpati family works under the philosophy that non-violent forms of horse taming can develop a strong bond between man and horse. The family has experience regarding horses and they were able to tame wild stallion across South America and Europe.

The taming school from San Luis, Argentina states on its own site: “In contrast with most known methods, taming is established body-to-body in a natural game similar to that used in a herd of horses”. Therefore, from the beginning Doma Indian School highlights the need of communion between man and horse transposed in creating a comfortable environment for both.

Taming a wild stallion is not an easy task. Nevertheless, using the Scarpati methods guarantees a staunch relationship with the untamed horse. The connection between tamer and wild stallion evolves step by step, being strengthened every day. The most important aspect is to remove the wild horse’s fear (here fits spooking, sensibility).

Fear is a strong feeling and can trigger a wild horse. Because of this, a bronco can be so unpredictable and might seriously injure the tamer. Thereupon, the tamer’s first task is to assure that the wild stallion trusts him and does not fear of him. Once this aspect is solved the training can go further.

After removing the fear issue, acts that are widely considered dangerous (due to intense physical contact between human and animal) become safety techniques. This way the wild stallion quickly learns to trust the tamer and to work with him without problems. Scarpati family might be seen as a “family horsing around”, but more and more people started to understand and cheer their hard work.

When someone is willing to work with an animal, they to take in to consideration an important aspect: in order to give birth to a beautiful relationship, based on trust and meekness, between man and animal (in this case, between tamer and wild stallion) it is necessary to devote 100% to this cause.

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  1. autumnap
    That's a really interesting article. I don't know that I fancy trying what that chap in the photo is up to but I do agree that 'speaking' horse language and using physical contact is the best way to form a bond. I think I'll stick to grooming and hand-play - looks a bit safer!
  2. julian johansen
    julian johansen
    to say all this that you said in few words, scrap force and bending, taik in kindness and trust..... im so glad to see more people open there eyes. as kluse ferdinan hempfling says. you can drag a horse, you can do a lot of things. but the horse within will NOT come..... SO everyone who read this. stop thinking abute what your goal is with your horse, or what you can do. but think abute what the horse like to do..... stop wanting to lead. the horse can lead, allow yourself to be soft. and finaly in the end. be weak, be lead, be like a leaf in the river.... the river is strong. but if i am the leaf in the river, i will be lead down to the ocean......
  3. Rebel
    Amazing that an equine can even do this!

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