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Horse Secrets
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Horse Secrets

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill

There are several things one must know about themselves and their horse to build a trust based relationship. If your relationship with your horse is based on trust, respect and love nothing can stop you!

1) Gain your horse's trust. If your horse does not trust you, he will not listen to you.

2. Gain the horse's respect. Respect is as equally important as trust. If your horse has no respect for you he will not work with you, which is vital to bonding.

3. Your horse learns on release of pressure. We must always remember that a horse's mind is programmed to always look for an escape route. Release of pressure satisfies the horse's deepest psychological need, the need to escape.

4. Good communication and patience go a lot farther than manhandling your horse. Violence removes any trust or respect you earned from your horse.

5. Remember to always seek refinement in yourself and your horse. A stale horse and rider makes a stale ride.

6. Habit and routine are powerful training tools. Routine makes your horse more comfortable. Horses like the feeling of knowing what is coming next. Routine and habit are also powerful ways to teach your horse.

7. Constant consistency. Horses learn faster and better if you are consistent. It is important for you to be the same rider each time you ride.

8. Motivate your horse by building a positive relationship. We've all worked with or for someone we did not like do not be that person to your horse.

9. Constantly learn new skills and knowledge. No matter how experienced you are none of us 'know it all.'

10. It is vitally important in building a relationship to always end your interaction with your horse on a positive note. Leave your horse with the memory that they are loved and can count on you.

To ride a horse is to ride the sky. ~Author Unknown

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