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Horse Riding to School
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Horse Riding to School

Going to school is an everyday activity that some may consider eventless and boring. However, there are some kids in Karachi that cannot say the same. That’s because they go to school in a Victorian style horse drawn carriage.

While riding in a carriage may be slower, uncomfortable, or even smellier than travelling in a car, it is certainly more exciting. It is easy to raise eyebrows at the idea of riding a horse drawn carriage to school in today’s age, but it starts making more sense once you start looking at it from a child’s perspective; the sheer idea of getting onto a horse drawn carriage is enough to excite children in the morning to go to school.

Horse Carriages, A History Forgotten

Before automobiles were invented, horse carriages were the only form of public transport. Now they are mere souvenirs of an era that is forgotten. Today, we cannot even imagine life without the comforts and convenience of our modern forms of transportation. However, this has taken a toll on the horse carriage business. An old carriage driver reminisces about how there used to be hundreds of horse carriages to be seen across the bustling metropolis of Karachi. Now, no more than a dozen remain.

What once used to be the ride of choice for dignitaries and royalty, horse drawn carriages are now considered a nuisance on the roads. The prime reason for this is the slower speed of horses, when compared to modern forms of transportation.

Other than performing the task of transporting children to and from school, this form of commute is also popular for weddings in Pakistan, where the bride and groom travel by Victorian-style carriages. These are two of the very few uses that this once popular form of transportation is limited to today.

The Benefits of Using Horse Drawn Carriages

For starters, a street or a road on which horses are pulling carriages about is nice to look at. There is also the obvious advantage of it being a cheaper mode of transportation; all you need is a carriage, a well-cared for horse, and a driver willing to take the reins in order to make the ride happen. Horse drawn carriages also have virtually no adverse impact on the atmosphere.

Horse carriages represent a simpler way of life that makes us appreciate the better things in life which we miss out on because of the now fast paced world. It is beneficial to slow down every once in a while and take a breather. Something as simple as riding to school in a horse drawn carriage is certainly something everyone would have liked to take up as a kid.

Some argue that it is not in the best interest of the horses to toil in the sun, pulling heavy weight all day long. As they run on modern roads now, they also have to work alongside other modes of transportation such as cars, buses, and rickshaws. This has an adverse effect on the horses as they inhale heavily polluted air which causes them to have respiratory problems. While all of this is true, and makes using horse drawn carriages very impractical in today’s world, one cannot deny the advantages of using such modes of transportation, which are simpler and may have a long-term positive effect on the environment.

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