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Horse Protection
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Horse Protection

Not quite what you think. I'm talking about does your horse protect you? When I observe Cookie through the window where she can't see me during stormy weather, occasionally she gets upset, stomps around wide eyed & on high alert. Most of the time, she is standing under her shelter or eating. When I go out to feed her now, she trots up to me nickering all the way. This is something new. Before she would just walk up to me while nickering. 

We have had cloudy, rainy, windy weather for the past couple of days. Rarely, when she's out there by herself does she display fear or being on high alert. Alert yes, but not wide eyed alert. When it's feeding time, I carefully walk the fence line back to the hay shelter, just in case she spooks unexpectantly & bolts. I've only seen her do that twice, but I prefer not to take the chance of getting run over. 

After loading her mangers & hay net I'll stay with her for a good long while watching her eat & watching the weather. I usually take a small ice chest & use it for a chair. I observe everything about her. She's still adjusting to her shelter. I don't believe she's ever had one before due to the fact that when something (tree limb, rain or whatever) clangs the tin she bolts out of her shelter a few feet & looks around with both eyes & ears. After about 10 minutes, she no longer runs out, instead she just raises her head. Once in a while she'll blow or sigh. 

If the wind is gusting or it's raining rather hard, she'll step out of her shelter a short distance, look around & come back to eat. At first, I thought this was her being spooky about something. That would be normal behavior to new noises & sounds. However, when I walk back to the house, she'll walk with me at least 1/2 way, stop, look & listen then turn & go back to her feed. After I get in the house & out of sight, I'll observe her for a few moments. When the wind gusts up or it starts raining real hard, for the most part, she'll stand there & eat without flinching. 

I've come to think she's trying to protect me when I'm out there with her, considering she only displays that stronger behavior when I'm out with her.

Does your horse display any "protective" behavior over you? I'll continue to observe Cookie & see if it's her being spooked or if she's trying to protect me from night time boogers. 

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  1. Ariana
    I think she is protecting you. It is her maternal instinct. :)
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      I think so too Ariana. :) She's such a great horse with an amazing personality. I am so blessed!

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