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Horse Perspectives From Podcasts
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Horse Perspectives From Podcasts

“Sometimes it seems like your whole life revolves around doing your horses’ bidding—food service, housekeeping, valet service, maintenance.” – Julie Goodnight, clinician

Mucking stalls and hauling shavings can indeed be time-consuming, so I have a few mental activities to choose from that I can do at the same time as I am hard at work in the barn. Often I’ll take advantage of the blissful quiet of the stables and meditate as I work; I also get lots of “reading” done by downloading audiobooks to my phone, and sometimes I’ll listen to podcasts hosted by various horse trainers and riding instructors.

I’m always on the lookout for entertaining podcast hosts, and here are a few of my favorite discoveries in no particular order. Maybe you’ll enjoy listening to them while doing your own chores.

“Julie Goodnight’s Horsemaster Academy,” a no-nonsense approach to horses:

Julie is a big proponent for relying on simple but not easy fixes like using your seat first and reins last when communicating with your horse, which will help keep you both in a happily committed relationship. Her sessions are usually a half hour long. You can also catch her videos on the Cowboy Channel.

“Talking About Horses” with Patrick King, horse trainer:

This podcast is full of informative interviews that go for as long as the interviewee wants to talk. It’s like listening in on a coffee chat, cowboy to cowboy or cowgirl as the case may be. He recently had great conversations with Equine Massage Therapist Jim Masterson and with Clinicians Michael and Julia Lyons.

“Daily Strides” with Lorna Leeson, riding instructor:

Lorna gives 10-minute pep talks like “Building Relaxation Before You Get into the Saddle” and “True Impulsion versus Running in Your Riding.”

I love that even though each expert has a different perspective, they are all very helpful without being overwhelming, and they’re all on the horse’s side. That’s a great place to be.

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