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Horse Open House Should Inspire Others
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Horse Open House Should Inspire Others

Reasonable and humane treatment of animals is often disregarded in many parts of the world even today. Very few laws exist that protect the rights of animals. Organizations that do look after animal rights are regularly under funded and lack sufficient resources. We should do our best to protect and safeguard the rights of animals and help give them a better life.

Horses are majestic animals and people often buy them because they are very attractive. What they don’t realize is that horses need a lot of care and attention. They need a good amount of your time for proper maintenance and a substantial amount of money in veterinary bills and food. Once people realize that the animal is too expensive or time consuming to keep, it is some times abandoned or discarded in poor condition.

Horse Sanctuaries Bearing the Burden

Neglected animals are brought into horse sanctuaries, often in shabby condition, and it is up to the sanctuary to take care of them and give them a healthy life. Tir Na Nog horse sanctuary is currently caring for around 44 horses. Expenses for a single horse amount to around $3000 for a year which includes food, supplements, and veterinary care. An open house was conducted by Tir Na Nog horse sanctuary on April 25-26, with a hope to inspire others to treat their own horses in a better way.

Many of the horses have been severely neglected or even abused by their owners. Rescuing these horses brings back faith in humanity and hope for the animals. The purpose of the open house was to acquire funding for the upkeep of the horse sanctuary, from organizations like ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) which gave nearly $1.1 million in 2014 to 169 equine rescues and sanctuaries across the USA.

Support for Sanctuaries Goes a Long Way

Horse open houses are conducted periodically throughout the year to bring awareness towards these forgotten animals and to inspire others to take care of their horses as well. There is a lack of funding as well as volunteer workforce in numerous organizations that cater to the needs of neglected horses. Support for these organizations will go a long way to help the poor creatures recover and get humane treatment.

Be Sure You Can Care for Your Horse

Raising awareness about the proper treatment of horses is very important as a preemptive measure. If you want a horse, you should be ready for hefty bills and a substantial time investment. Knowing this before getting a horse is much better than realizing it later, when you cannot afford for the care of your horse and are desperately trying to give it away for free. These horses often end up in horse sanctuaries that have to bear the financial burden because someone thought it would be nice to get a horse without thinking it through.

The horse open house should inspire others to help the animals live better and fuller lives. The open house also helps develop a connection between people and horses, which goes a long way to warrant a better quality of life for horses. The event themed ‘Help a Horse Day’ in the hope to win a $10,000 grant to help save and provide for more horses.

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