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Horse Manure Composting Secrets
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Horse Manure Composting Secrets

Keeping a horse as a pet is very fulfilling for many people around the world. Whether you keep one to get some work done or just to have a companion to look after, there are many responsibilities that fall on your shoulders when housing a horse on your land.

One of the things that you need to be aware of before getting a horse is the pile of stall waste that you will have to deal with. Luckily, it’s no longer a secret that you can compost your horse’s manure quite easily.

A Lot of Waste to Handle

The amount of manure that a horse produces on a daily basis is almost 50 pounds. This is accompanied with 8-10 gallons of urine. And when you add a wheelbarrow of bedding that gets used every day, you get a lot of waste to clean up and get rid of. While this may not look like much at first, let a few months pass by and you’ll have a mountain of manure on your property.

The Chain Reaction that Follows

The presence of a manure mountain on your land does not help increase property value, that’s for sure. The declining property value is accompanied with increasing odors and insects. Diseases, of course, become a great threat for horses who graze nearby the manure. And your property isn’t the only one that suffers as the runoff from the soggy manure will also affect nearby water channels and wetlands.

The Secret of Composting Revealed

Composting horse manure may be the best solution to all of these problems. This is a process that helps in the decomposition of organic matter, which is the manure in this case. Composted horse manure is a great source of nutrients for the soil. So the huge heap of manure that you have on your land can actually be used to give life to your pasture or garden.

A Simple Process

We know that all organic matter decomposes over time. Some things take less time than others. Composting is a process that helps speed up that process. This microbial decomposition is a controlled process that takes place with the presence of air. Composting requires you to simply provide the most ideal conditions possible for the bacteria and fungi to do their job. This means that you have to provide a good enough amount of oxygen, water, and other nutrients.

This is a very simple process once you get the hang of it. In the long run, composting not only helps put all the horse manure to good use but also saves you money. On average, composting horse manure can save you between $300 and $500 on an annual basis.

It’s no secret that managing horse manure can be a complete chore. Composting is one of the best ways you can get rid of it. Putting something that seems wasteful to good use is a great thing, not only environmentally but also financially. If you’re worried about what to do with the pile of manure at your land, now you have a great way to put it to good use.

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