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Horse Health: The Importance of a Certified & Licensed Professional
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Horse Health: The Importance of a Certified & Licensed Professional

Holistic treatments are readily available in our modern world. Such treatments include Equine Massage Therapy, Magna Wave, Equine Kinesiology Taping, Red Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Nebulizer Treatments, and more. Certifications, college credits, and courses are all easily attainable. Courses and certifications can be obtained online and in the classroom and are wonderful additions to help improve our horses' overall health. 

Unfortunately, there are many practicing without any sort of certification and or license. I have attended many horse shows, barrel races, etc. where equestrians are lined up to have a treatment performed on their horses and not one asks the question, “Are you certified? By whom and where?"

As a certified and licensed practitioner, I have recently been approached by many new clients and told they received treatments to later learn the individual was not certified in anything.

Please do your research for any type of treatment performed on your horse. Just because its natural does not mean it is safe, especially if its performed by individuals with zero experience and education in the field.

This seems to be an ongoing issue in most horse-related activities and treatments. Owning a horse does not qualify as a degree in veterinary medicine and or holistic medicine.

With so many wonderful programs readily available today, there is no excuse for practicing without the proper credentials. And there are many qualified practitioners ready to help. Take the time to do the work and get certified.

We all love our horses and want to keep them safe, but horses cannot ask the important questions, so it is our responsibility to do so. Do your research and check credentials.

Offer your horse the treatments that can help them by qualified practitioners. And please, do not self-diagnose.  Consult with a veterinarian before adding anything to your horses routine.

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