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Horse Breeds, Continued
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Horse Breeds, Continued

Now that I’ve looked at light vs. heavy-set horses, there are other ways of categorizing the races of these wonderful beasts. We can look at them according to what we plan on doing with them, and this can help a great deal to locate the one we wish to buy when looking for one.

As usual, being vegan and a flaming animal lover, I always tell people to train their animals, including horses, with love and nurture. That being said, I have nothing against the horse earning his dinner just like we have to work for ours!

Although there are categories for this, don’t forget that not all horses are limited to just one. Research is needed to ensure you are getting the best quality for your bucks. This article will focus on the categories, and the next will be about the breeds that suit each type the best. Stay tuned!

Riding Horses

Of course, all breeds of horses can be ridden. What we are looking for here is the one who is most apt for this task especially when we need a horse that will be around children and/or for a newbie rider. Patience and calmness is needed, and some are better at discovering new places and accepting a rider on their backs than others. Broncos, for example, are a no go for the little ones.

Work Horses

When looking for a horse to help you with heavy tasks, a strong, muscular one is the best. Although heavy breeds are recommended, you also need one that patiently accepts to be harnessed and pull a cart or that will happily herd cattle. To herd cattle, a riding horse may be sufficient.

Show Horses

But, what if you just want to show off with your beautiful horse? Does winning competitions and travelling sound good to you? What you need here is beauty, of course. Your horse has to be physically perfect and have optimum health. He has to shine when placed next to all the others.

Sport Horses

Or, you might want to play sports with your horse. Here, speed and agility are required. A principal characteristic is excellent health and top physical condition, and he also needs to be well trained, since he has to obey you blindly and quickly. The most famous of these is the race horse, but evidently there are also others, such as croquet.

Pony Breeds

Last but not least, there are ponies. These are a children’s favourite not only because they are small; they also have a higher-than-average patience and tolerance, perfect for your kids when they are learning to ride and care for a pet. And, they have the benefit of needing less space, which may be a plus for you if need be.


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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Vote no 6. Great blog Annie,as ever! I have no objection to horses being used for work either, as long as they are being well treated. They should not be treated as dumb slaves, any more than people should! Please check out my latest blog here, A Horse of A Different Colour? You might find that of interest.
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    This is great insight & very helpful. Voted. :) If you would please check out my latest blog: Hay! It's what's for dinner & vote if you like it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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