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Horse Allergies? Go Curl Your Hair!
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Horse Allergies? Go Curl Your Hair!

Not really! Get a horse with curly hair - a Curly horse! Research at the University of Aachen in Germany has shown that horses with curly hair are hypoallergenic for most people. Even those with severe allergies typically either had no reaction at all or had minimal reactions that decreased upon additional exposure to the same curly horses. This study was only a small study, but anecdotal evidence backed by other studies tends to bear the same witness; people with allergies do not have reactions when exposed to curly horses. It is not fail-safe. Sometimes, individual allergic people need to be introduced to different curly horses to find the right match. Here's another anecdotal story for you.

I'm a life-long horse woman. My daughter was born just as horse-crazy as her mother. Yet, at the tender age of 4 she had to be rushed to the emergency room after suffering from a severe allergic reaction after sitting on a neighbor's pony for a few moments. A few tests later, the allergist confirmed our fears; she has a severe allergy to horses as well as most tree pollen and there outdoor things. Immediately, she was placed on several different allergy medications and a strict avoidance of her worst allergen - horses. Even with her medications she has trouble breathing during spring and summer. Honestly, she has trouble year round! Even with all that, she cannot help but love and want to be around horses. As her mom, I can't always outright refuse her but I also can't just let her risk her health to her allergies. So I began researching and found the Curly horse.

While browsing online ads, I found a rescued Curly horse at a price my family could afford. At the time, it was kind of a joke, but after a while, I began to consider it more seriously. I contacted the seller and asked for a sample of hair to see if my daughter reacted or not. We anxiously waited for the hair samples. Until they came we made no plans, however, when the samples arrived I wove my daughter a bracelet. She wore the bracelet for an entire day without a hive or reaction. It was then that plans began to get serious. Of course, there was still a chance that meeting the horse in the flesh would generate a reaction. However, we made plans as if she wouldn't react.

We drove 400 miles to meet Starlie Ann. My daughter and she formed an almost instant bond. There was no allergic reaction caused by this rescued little Curly. We hauled her home and even in that amount of time, there was no allergic reaction generated. I'm a believer and may even produce a few more believers among my family and friends. Who knows, this may even become my new hobby - breeding these hypoallergenic horses for people in my area!

Learn more about Curlies at the International Curly Horse Organization

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