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Home Remedies
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Home Remedies

Horses are an expensive pet to own, and the costs of medication are quite substantial. However, if we can reduce that by taking care of our strong, beautiful beasts at home – only partially, of course, as we are not vets! – by using things most of us keep in our cupboards anyways, we can use them to prevent and assist in healing small inconveniences and discomforts that our horses go through. There are some that are known as tried, tested and true! Here they are:

• Apple Cider Vinegar:

To help you reduce the amount of flies and various other little critters that can bother both of you while riding. Spray it on using a normal spray bottle. You can also use a small amount per day to relieve arthritis and joint pain by adding ¼ cup to your horse’s feed.

• Preparation H

It actually promotes hair growth on an old wound where all the hair fell off.

• Meat Tenderizer

Add a bit of water to form a paste and use on insect bites.

• Sugar Water

Use a bit of sugar water and aloe vera cream – straight from the plant or use a natural concentrate – and apply on blisters, burns and cuts to help heal them faster. This is good for people too, minus the sugar water.

• Kerosene

This is for the tools and equipment that is starting to rust a bit. Soak them in kerosene overnight.

• Metamucil or natural psyllium

Use this to help prevent sand colic if you live in a sandy area.

• Salt solution

This helps flush wounds. Use one tablespoon per gallon of water.

• Red pepper

Horses hate this and won’t chew on anything that tastes like it. Use lotion like the aloe vera cream and shake the pepper on.

• Baking Soda

This is a known disinfectant. Use it to clean your horse’s water bucket and food dish.

• Sugar

It actually helps heal wounds. Use it with any normal liquid balm or remedy you normally use.


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  1. jst4horses
    Lots of good suggestions. One of the best holistics our vets have told us is just go out and walk around and let your horse graze on good burmuda grass. We grow some just for that purpose. From Spring to late fall it grows so well all our horses have plenty when our equine therapy riders take turns letting them graze. It is relaxing. The horses can be groomed while they are munching, and it is very healthy for them. We put ours below the wash rack and are very GREEN in our green ecology reuse of the water. The water runs down a gravely/sandy hill and is quite clean by the time it reaches the grass. We just rake the area of hair and dirt once or twice a day and it keeps it all great. WE use salt water as well. I boil some salt in water, and bottle it for use when I need it. (put it in the bottle cool, or the bottles will wrinkle up with the heat:) We all have done our own vet teching for so many years, and taken so many classes it saves us a lot as well. Some of us even volunteer or work for vets from time to time so horses that otherwise would be put down can be saved, we teach the owners how to do what we are doing, so they can take it over. It can save up to $80 a visit from a busy vet, three times a day for certain treatments is very expensive. None of our referring vets is in danger of going broke, in fact, they love it that we are taking some of their work load away so they can see their spouses and kids!

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