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Hold Your Horses
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Hold Your Horses

Everyone in this world has the right to be treated equally, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has the same kind of life. Some people have it harder than others, and the reasons for this can vary.

Whether someone has a birth defect or has had to go through something terrible in their life, chances are that they suffer from PTSD, anxiety disorder, lack of confidence or some other psychological condition. Psychotherapy usually helps such people cope with these difficulties. While there are many types of psychotherapy one can try, the equine therapy being practiced at Hold Your Horses is proving to be very effective.

Horses and Humans – A Deep Connection

It has long been known that human beings develop a strong connection with horses. This connection is the result of centuries of interaction between the two species. For some years now, equine-assisted therapy has been used to help people deal with certain traumatic or psychological issues. Horses help calm these people down, and the connection that develops between the two can go on for years.

Helping Victims of Abuse

At Hold Your Horses, Molly DePrekel heads a program that is aimed to help teenage girls who have been subjected to abuse. The doctor believes that interacting with horses on a regular basis helps the victims reconnect with their inner self. Horses can teach people how to manage their anger and deal with anxiety, according to her.

Molly’s technique is not based on a whim but rather takes root from the concepts of neurobiology. The basic concept used in her therapy is that when a person calms a horse down, certain mirror neurons are created that calm down the victim as well.

Equine therapy has proved to be very effective in helping people who are dealing with different challenges. Molly believes that relaxing an animal as mighty as the horse makes her patients feel empowered to relax themselves too.

Not a Typical Therapy Program

Hold Your Horses will soon extend its therapeutic services to people who work in stressful conditions. People like caretakers, social workers, and probation officers will be able to attend wellness sessions. These sessions will be designed to give these people a break once in a while so that they can reconnect with their bodies and minds.

For this purpose, the facility is being moved to a space near Greenfield. This is a larger space with a heated indoor arena, and will allow more horses to be added to the program. Janet Weisberg, the executive director of Hold Your Horses is very proud of the work that is being done. She is very excited about expanding the program after the upcoming move.

Many parents have found the program to be exceedingly helpful for their children, whether they suffer from certain developmental defects or have been subjected to abuse. Using horses to generate a sense of empowerment in the victims is a great idea, and we hope to see the expansion of this excellent program succeed.

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    Horses make good ESAs and Service animals. Love this and shared it for you.

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