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Hold Your Horses
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Hold Your Horses

My middle son Craig left last week for a 6-month college internship. He's now a 12-hour drive away so when we said goodbye, we weren't sure if I would be seeing him again until August. I didn't want him to feel anything but positivity, so I held it together until he left and then I went to the stables. I sobbed into Sport's mane and told him all about the Craig-sized hole in my heart. His liquid-brown eyes gazed back at me, as if he was saying "I'm here for you." When I left a few hours later, he had turned my tears of sadness into tears of happiness. Who could imagine that I could be so blessed to have a haven of rest for my emotionally-tormented soul.

When I started working for riding privileges ten years ago, the barn needed help during the week and I often went while my kids were in school. My daughter Janette couldn't join me but I would tell her all about it at the end of the day, my face glowing as I shared horse story after horse story. 

Janette could not be more different than I am. She's not outdoorsy in any way; she loves art and dancing. One day after school she proudly presented me with her latest assignment from art class.

"Our teacher asked us to sketch a picture using descriptive words as the shading," she said as she carefully unrolled her masterpiece. I cry more when I am happy than when I'm sad and the waterworks immediately were sprung. It was a sketch of me with my horse Rocky, and she had perfectly captured my expression of peace, and even the way I often tenderly held Rocky's head to mine. The words she used for shading were obviously what she had taken in from all my horse stories, words I feel to this day every hour I have "stable time." 

"CARING FRIENDSHIP PASSION ADMIRE COMPASSION DELIGHT LOVE CHERISH" written over and over again. My feelings exactly!

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  1. lkcephas
    What is the story on the artwork that accompanies this article? I love it and would like to get a print!
  2. Jayne Thurber-Smith
    Jayne Thurber-Smith
    Thank you! I love it too. This is the sketch my daughter Janette Aldridge made for me. If you email me at jthurbersmith@hotmail.com I can send you a jpeg of it...
  3. Thundersmist
    That's amazing how she captured that about you. I love it. You definately have great blessings in your life. I'm happy for you!

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