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Hold Your Ground
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Hold Your Ground

When I was 13 years old, my dad bought me a horse. It was an Appaloosa filly. She was a young horse, only nine months old when I got her, but I could not ask for a better horse. 

I named her Virginia. The exact reason I named her that has since been forgotten, but I'm thinking it has to do with my love for history. Specifically the Civil War era. She was wild and full of energy. 

One day when she was about a year old, I let her out in the fenced in pasture that was a bit away from the barn. She loved to run. I loved watching her run. She was in the field with my cousin's horses. There was a young Quarter pony named, Skeeter. This young gelding liked to pick on Virginia. Virginia was new and she was small. A classic case of big picking on the little guy. She, of course, did not like that. One day he was picking on her, and she had enough. She bolted across the field, jumped the fenced, and galloped straight back to the barn. 

But to Virginia's dismay, she to keep being let back out in that pasture with Skeeter. Another time, Skeeter came up to her and started to bug her. This time she let out a disgruntled shriek and kicked at him. She didn't run. She didn't hide. She held her ground. I don't think  Skeeter bothered her after that. 

I said all that to say this: never run from your fears. Even if they seem daunting.  Even if they seem too much to handle. Everyone feels like running away when things are hard to face. We all want safety. We want warmth and comfort. Like Virginia did when she ran to the barn. But sometimes in order to overcome something that is hard, it must be faced. Hold your ground. 

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