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Hey- It’s me, “Little Bud”
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Hey- It’s me, “Little Bud”

(As told by Little Bud himself) I am a spotted miniature donkey with a lot on my mind. I know this site is about horses and I'm not really a horse, but I am part of the equine family. I can do almost everything that my horse siblings can do. I even mimic a lot of the actions of my horse pasture mates. My h-mom (human mom) calls me "Monkey" because I mimic the horses all the time. My real name is "Little Bud", it's a funny story how I got that name but let me start at the beginning and we will get to that later.

I was bought as a Christmas gift for a little girl. He parents thought she would love me; apparently I wasn't what she wanted. This family did not have good fences either. I easily ducked under the bottom rail of the fence and ran around the neighborhood looking for somebody to love me. I got in trouble a lot for doing this. One day the parents of this little girl approached my h-mom (she lived across the street from us) and asked if she wanted me. She told them no, but then changed her mind (I think h-dad had something to do with it).

So I came to live with h-mom and h-dad in early 2007. At the time they already had a donkey; his name was Donkey, like from the movie "Shrek". They also had a goat, his name was Billy. Then there were the horses, Harvey and Peanut. There was talk in the neighborhood about this h-family (human family). All the animals there got a lot to eat and the humans loved on them all the time. All the animals in the neighborhood always go to their yard if they get out of their fences. My new h-family also had some animals that live in the house; I hear they are called dogs. I wish I were a dog so I could go in the house, I have tried to go in the house, h-mom has pictures to prove it.

So here's the story about my name. H-mom and h-dad have a friend and his nickname is Bud. Since donkeys are so cute and fun, or did she say mischievous and stubborn I don't remember, they joked around about calling me "Little Bud". Then they found out how funny I am and their friend must be funny too so the name stuck. They say that I am so much like my namesake, ornery but lovable.

My h-family doesn't have much land so h-mom decided she needed to find new homes for someone. She found a lady with a lot of land that wanted a donkey and a goat, so Billy and Donkey went to live with her. H-mom keeps in touch with them and they really hit the jackpot when they went with that lady. We have it good here but they have 100 acres to run and play on.

About 2 years later, this man with all kinds of good drugs and strange toys came to visit me. I don't know exactly what he did when he was here. He gave me something (it was not a cookie) and it made me fall down and go to sleep. When I woke up my "parts" were missing. I hope that guy never comes back, he is a thief and there is no telling what he will take next time. I like it when humans come to visit me but this guy seems a little shady to me. Humans don't come visit me much but when they do I get a lot of hugs and some of them bring me cookies too.

About a month after that I got a new pasture mate, her name is Sierra. She is a really big horse and she doesn't like me much. H-mom said that the man took my "parts" so that Sierra could come live with us. I don't understand, but if that's what it takes to get another friend I guess I can live with it. Sierra is tall and when she first came here I would run under her belly just to annoy her. She isn't mean but when she gives me "that" look, I just run and hide behind Harvey or Peanut, they protect me. Sierra doesn't ever play with me, Harvey will play with me sometimes, Peanut and I play all the time. H-mom always tells me to play nice with Peanut, he's the one that starts it though. I have a big stick that I like to play with; Harvey broke it off of the neighbor's tree for me. I like to run around the pasture with it in my mouth, sometimes I even throw it. Peanut doesn't like it when I throw the stick, sometimes I accidentally hit him.

I have the best life of any equine in the world. My h-family spoils me, I give them that sweet innocent look and they just melt.

DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY COOKIES? I love my cookies! Please vote for me so my h-mom can get me more cookies.  You can never have too many cookies!!!

Merry Christmas from Little Bud, Harvey, Peanut, & Sierra!!!

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